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Portuguese verbs starting with S

All 269 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

saborear, sabotar, sabujar, sabujar-se, sacanear, sacar, sachar, saciar, sacralizar, sacrificar, sacrificar-se, sacudir, safar, safar-se, sagrar, sair, sair-se, saldar, salgar, salhar, salientar, salivar, salmourar, salpicar, saltar, saltarilhar, saltear, saltitar, salvaguardar, salvar, sambar, sanar, sancionar, sanear, sangrar, sanguificar, santificar, sapear, saponificar, saquear, saracotear, sarar, sarjar, sarrafar, satanizar, satirizar, satisfazer, saturar, saudar, sazonar, saçaricar, secar, secretar, secularizar, secundar, sedar, sedimentar, seduzir, segar, segmentar, segredar, segregar, seguir, segurar, selar, seleccionar, selecionar, selectar, semear, semelhar, sementar, semicerrar, sensualizar, sentar, sentar-se, sentenciar, sentir-se, separar, separar-se, sepultar, sequestrar, seqüestrar, seriar, seringar, serpentear, serrar, servir-se, serzir, sestear, sevar, severizar, seviciar, sexualizar, siar, sibilar, siderar, significar, silabar, silenciar, silvar, simbolizar, simpatizar, simplificar, simular, sinalizar, sincopar, sincretizar, sincronizar, sindicalizar, sindicar, singrar, singularizar, sintetizar, sintonizar, siriricar, sisar, sistematizar, sitiar, situar, soabrir, soar, sobejar, sobestar, sobrar, sobraçar, sobreaguar, sobrealcunhar, sobreaquecer, sobrecarregar, sobreerguer, sobreestar, sobreir, sobrelevar, sobrepassar, sobrepor, sobrepujar, sobrerrestar, sobrescrever, sobressair, sobressaltar, sobressaturar, sobresser, sobrestar, sobrestimar, sobretaxar, sobrevir, sobreviver, sobrevoar, socar, sociabilizar, socializar, socorrer, sodomizar, soer, soerguer, sofismar, sofisticar, sofrear, sofrer, solapar, solar, soldar, soletrar, solevar, solfar, solfejar, solicitar, solidarizar, solidarizar-se, solidificar, soliloquiar, soltar, solubilizar, solucionar, soluçar, somar, sombrear, someter, sonambular, sondar, sonegar, sonhar, sopitar, soprar, sorrir, sortear, sortir, sorver, sossegar, soterrar, soutar, sovar, soçobrar, suar, suavizar, subastar, subdistinguir, subentender, subestimar, subir, subjugar, sublevar-se, sublimar, sublinhar, sublocar, submergir, submeter, subordinar, subornar, subscrever, subseguir, subsidiar, subsistir, substabelecer, substanciar, substantivar, substituir, subsumir, subterfugir, subtrair, subvencionar, subverter, subvir, suceder, sucumbir, sudrar, sufixar, sufocar, sugar, sugerir, sujar, sujeitar, sujigar, sulcar, sumariar, sumir, sumular, superabundar, superaquecer, superar, superestimar, superlotar, superstar, supervisar, supervisionar, suplantar, suplementar, suplicar, supor, suportar, suprimir, suprir, supurar, surdir, surgir, surpreender, surpresar, surrar, surripiar, surtir, sururucar, suscitar, suspeitar, suspender, suspirar, sussurrar, sustar, sustentar, suster.