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Portuguese verbs starting with R

All 478 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

rabear, rabejar, rabiscar, rabunhar, rachar, raciocinar, racionalizar, racionar, radiar, radiodifundir, radioemitir, radiografar, raer, rafar, raiar, raivar, rajar, ralar, ralhar, ramalhar, ramificar, ramificar-se, randomizar, rapar, raptar, rarefazer, rarescer, rasar, rascar, rascunhar, rasgar, rasourar, raspar, rastejar, rastelar, rastrear, rastrejar, ratar, ratear, ratificar, reabastecer-se, reabilitar, reabrir, reacender, readquirir, reafirmar, reagir, reagrupar, reajustar, realentar, realizar, realizar-se, realçar, reanimar, reaparecer, reaquecer, reassegurar, reassumir, reatar, reatentar, reaver, reavir-se, reavivar, rebaixar, rebaixar-se, rebar, rebater, rebelar, rebelar-se, rebentar, rebenzer, reboar, rebobinar, rebocar, rebolar, rebolir, rebrilhar, rebulir, rebuscar, rebuçar, recair, recalcar, recalcitrar, recalcular, recapitular, recarregar, recear, receber, receitar, recepcionar, receptar, rechaçar, rechear, reciprocar, recitar, reclamar, recobrar, recobrir, recolher, recolocar, recolorir, recomendar, recomeçar, recompensar, reconciliar, reconciliar-se, reconfirmar, reconfortar, recongraçar, reconhecer, reconquistar, reconsiderar, reconstituir, reconstruir, recontar, reconvir, recopiar, recordar, recordar-se, recorrer, recortar, recostar-se, recrear, recriar, recriminar, recrudescer, recrutar, rectificar, recuar, recuperar, recuperar-se, recurvar, recusar, recusar-se, redarguir, redecretar, redescobrir, redigir, redimir, redimir-se, redizer, redobrar, reduzer, reduzir, reduzir-se, reeditar, reembolsar, reencafuar, reencarnar, reencher, reencontrar, reenviar, reerguer, reescrever, reestruturar, reexpedir, reextinguir, referenciar, referir-se, refinar, reflorestar, refluir, refogar, reformar, reformular, reforçar, refratar, refrear, refrescar, refrescar-se, refrigerar, refugir, refundir, refungar, refutar, regalar, regar, regatar, regatear, regelar, regenerar, regionalizar, registar, registar-se, registrar, regougar, regozijar, regozijar-se, regrar, regredir, regressar, regulamentar, regular, regularizar, regurgitar, reificar, reimpelir, reimprimir, reinar, reincidir, reiniciar, reinscrever, reinstalar, reinventar, reiterar, reivindicar, rejeitar, rejubilar, rejuntar, rejurar, rejuvenescer, relacionar, relacionar-se, relampaguear, relampejar, relancear, relar, relatar, relaxar, relegar, relembrar, relentar, reler, relinchar, relinquir, relinqüir, reloucar, relumbrar, relutar, reluzir, relvar, remanescer, remar, rematar, remediar, remedir, remelar, remendar, rementir, remeter, remexer, remir, remitir, remodelar, remoer, remontar, remover, remoçar, remunerar, renascer, rendar, render, render-se, renegar, renguear, renomear, renovar, renunciar, reordenar, reorganizar, reouvir, reoxidar, repaginar, reparar, repartir, repassar, repatriar, repedir, repelir, repensar, repercutir, reperder, repesar, repetir, repicar, repimpar, repisar, repiscar, replantar, replicar, repoisar, reportar, repostar, repousar, repreender, represar, representar, reprimendar, reprimir, reprimir-se, reprochar, reproduzir-se, reprovar, reprover, reptar, repudiar, repugnar, reputar, requentar, requerer, requestar, requintar, requisitar, rer, rescaldar, rescender, rescindir, rescrever, resenhar, resfolegar, resfriar, resgatar, resguardar, residir, resignar, resignar-se, resistir, resmonear, resmungar, resolver, respeitar, respigar, respingar, respirar, resplandecer, resplendecer, responder, responsabilizar, responsabilizar-se, respostar, ressaber, ressair, ressaltar, ressalvar, ressarcir, ressaudar, ressecar, resseguir, ressentir, resservir, ressoar, ressolhar, ressonar, ressortir, ressubir, ressudar, ressumar, ressumir, ressurgir, ressuscitar, restabelecer, restabelecer-se, restar, restaurar, restinguir, restituir, restolhar, restringir, resultar, resumir, resvalar, retalhar, retaliar, retardar, reter-se, retesar, retesiar, reticenciar, retificar, retinir, retirar, retirar-se, retocar, retoiçar, retomar, retorcer-se, retornar, retorquir, retorqüir, retoucar, retouçar, retrair, retransmitir, retratar, retrazer, retribuir, retrincar, retroagir, retroceder, retrogredir, retrosseguir, retrucar, reunir-se, revalidar, revalorizar, revelar, revelar-se, rever, reverberar, reverdecer, reverenciar, reverter, revestir, revezar, revezar-se, revigorar, revir, revirar-se, revisar, revistar, revitalizar, revogar, revoltar, revoltar-se, revolucionar, revolver, rezar, rezingar, ribombar, ricochetear, ridicularizar, rifar, rijar, rilhar, rimar, rinchar, ripar, rir, rir-se, riscar, rismoer, rivalizar, riçar, roborar, rocar, rocegar, rociar, rodar, rodear, rodopiar, rodrigar, roer, rogar, rojar, rolar, roldar, rolhar, romanizar, romantizar, romar, romper, roncar, roncear, rondar, ronronar, rosnar, rotar, rotear, rotular, roubar, roussar, roçagar, roçar, rubificar, ruborizar, rubricar, rufar, rufiar, ruflar, rugir, ruidar, ruir, rumar, rumiar, ruminar, rumorejar, russificar, rutilar.