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Portuguese verbs starting with P

All 381 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

pabular, pacificar, pactar, pactuar, padecer, padejar, padrear, padronizar, paganizar, pagar, paginar, pairar, pajear, palear, palestrar, paliar, palidejar, palmilhar, palpar, palpitar, palrar, panar, pandar, pandegar, panificar, papaguear, papar, paparicar, papear, parabenizar, parafrasear, parafusar, paralisar, parar, parasitar, parcelar, parecer, parecer-se, paresiar, parir, parodiar, parolar, participar, partilhar, partir, pascentar, pasmar, paspalhar, passajar, passar, passar-se, passarinhar, passear, pastar, pasteurizar, pastoralizar, pastorar, pastorear, patear, patefazer, patentear, patinar, patolar, patrocinar, patrulhar, pausar, pautar, pavimentar, pavonear, pecar, pechinchar, pedalar, pedir, pegar, peidar, peitar, pejar, pelar, pelear, peleijar, pelejar, penalizar, penar, pender, pendurar, peneirar, penetrar, penhorar, penicar, pensar, pensionar, pentear, perambular, perceber, percorrer, percutir, perder, perder-se, perdoar, perdurar, perecer, peregrinar, perfazer, perfectibilizar, perfilar, perfilar-se, perfilhar, perfumar, perfurar, perguntar, perguntar-se, perigar, perjurar, perlar, permanecer, permear, permitir, permitir-se, permutar, pernear, pernoitar, pernoutar, perolar, perorar, perpassar, perpetrar, perpetuar, perquirir, perscrutar, perseguir, persentir, perseverar, persistir, personalizar, personificar, perspectivar, persuadir, pertencer, perturbar, perverter, pesar, pescar, pesquisar, pestanejar, petar, petiscar, petrificar, piafar, piar, picar, pichar, picotar, pifar, pigarrear, pigmentar, pilhar, pilotar, pinar, pincelar, pinchar, pindongar, pingar, pinicar, pintalgar, pintar, pintar-se, piorar, pipetar, pipiar, pipilar, pipocar, pirar-se, piratear, pirocar, pisar, pisotear, plagiar, plainar, planar, planear, planejar, planger, planhir, planificar, planizar, plantar, plasmar, plastificar, platinar, pleitear, pletorar, pluralizar, pocar, podar, podometrar, poetizar, poitar, pojar, polarizar, polimerizar, polinizar, polir, politizar, poltronear, poluir, polvilhar, pombear, ponderar, pontapear, pontear, pontuar, popularizar, por, porejar, porfiar, pormenorizar, portar, portuguesar, posar, posicionar, positivar, pospor, possibilitar, possuir, postar, postergar, postular, potencializar, potenciar, poupar, poupar-se, pousar, povoar, praguejar, prantear, pratear, praticar, preambular, precatar, precaver, precaver-se, preceder, preceituar, precipitar, precisar, preconceituar, preconizar, predicar, predizer, predominar, preencher, prefabricar, prefaciar, prefazer, preferir, prefigurar, pregar, prejudicar, prelibar, preludiar, premeditar, premer, premiar, premir, prender, prender-se, prenomear, prensar, prenunciar, preocupar, preocupar-se, preparar, preparar-se, preponderar, presar, prescindir, prescrever, presenciar, presentear, preservar, presidir, pressagiar, pressentir, pressionar, pressupor, prestar, prestar-se, presumir, pretejar, pretender, preterir, prevalecer, prevaler, prevaricar, prevenir, prever, prezar, primar, principiar, privar, privatizar, privilegiar, problematizar, proceder, processar, proclamar, procrastinar, procriar, procurar, produzir, profanar, proferir, professar, profetizar, profundar, prognosticar, programar, progredir, proibir, projectar, projetar, proliferar, prolongar, promandar, prometer, promover, promulgar, pronunciar, propagar, propagar-se, propalar, propelir, propiciar, propinar, propor, proporcionar, propugnar, propulsar, propulsionar, prorrogar, proscrever, prosear, prospectar, prosperar, prosseguir, prostituir-se, prostrar, prostrar-se, protagonizar, protelar, protestar, protrair, protuberar, provar, prover, providenciar, provir, provisionar, provocar, pruir, prurir, psicografar, publicar, pugnar, puir, pujar, pular, pulicar, pulinhar, pulsar, pulular, pulverizar, punguear, punir, purgar, purificar, purpurear, putrefazer, puxar, pôr, pôr-se.