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Portuguese verbs starting with M

All 229 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

macadamizar, macaquear, macerar, machucar, macotear, macular, madrugar, madurar, madurecer, magnetizar, magnificar, magoar, mais-querer, maiusculizar, majorar, mal-cozer, malaxar, malbaratar, malbaratear, maldispor, maldizer, malfazer, malhar, malocar, malograr, malparir, malquerer, malquistar, maltar, maltratar, malucar, malversar, mamar, mamujar, manar, mancar, manchar, mancomunar, mandar, mandriar, manducar, manejar, mangar, mangrar, manguear, maniatar, manifestar, manifestar-se, manipular, manir, manjar, manobrar, manquejar, manter, manter-se, manufaturar, manuscrever, manusear, mançupir, maquiar, maquiar-se, maquilar, maquinar, marasmar, maravilhar-se, marcar, marchar, marear, marejar, maridar, marmorizar, marralhar, marrar, marretar, martelar, martirizar, marujar, marulhar, mascar, mascarar, mascarar-se, mascatear, massacrar, mastigar, masturbar-se, matar, matear, materializar-se, matinar, matracar, matriar, matricular, matricular-se, matrucar, maturar, matutar, maximizar, maxixar, maçar, maçonizar, mealhar, mear, mecanizar, medalhar, mediar, medir, meditar, medrar, melar, melhorar, melificar, memorar, memorizar, mencionar, mendigar, menear, menear-se, menoscabar, menosprezar, menstruar, mensurar, mentir, mentorear, mercar, merecer, mergulhar, mermar, merujar, mesclar, mesmerizar, messar, mestrar, mestrear, metamerizar, meter, meter-se, metilar, metralhar, mexer, mexer-se, mexericar, miar, migrar, mijar, mijar-se, milhar, militar, mimar, minar, mineralizar, minerar, minguar, miniaturizar, minimizar, ministrar, minorar, minuciar, minuir, minutar, miquear, mirar, mirrar, missar, missionar, mistificar, mitigar, miudar, mobilar, mobiliar, mobilizar, mocar, modelar, moderar, modernizar, modificar, modular, moer, mofar, moldar, molecar, molequear, molestar, molhar, molificar, molinhar, monarquiar, monologar, monopolizar, monotongar, montar, moquear, morar, morder, mordicar, mordiscar, morgar, morrer, morrinhar, mortificar, moscar, mosquear, mostrar, mostrar-se, motivar, mourejar, mover, mover-se, movimentar, movimentar-se, moçar, mudar, mudar-se, mugir, multar, multicolorir, multiplicar, multiplicar-se, mumificar, mundanizar, municipalizar, munir, munir-se, murar, murchar, murmurar, musicalizar, musicar, mussitar, mutilar.