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Portuguese verbs starting with I

All 253 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

iberizar, idealizar, idear, identificar, identificar-se, idiotar, idiotizar, idolatrar, idolatrizar, ignificar, ignobilizar, ignominiar, ignorar, igualar, igualar-se, igualdar, igualizar, ilaquear, ilhar, ilibar, ilidir, iligar, iliçar, iludir, iluminar, ilusionar, ilustrar, ilutar, imaginar, imanar, imanizar, imantar, imaterializar, imbecilizar, imbelicar, imbicar, imbramar, imbricar, imbuir, imergir, imigrar, imitar, imobilizar, imolar, imortalizar, impacientar, impactar, impaludar, impar, imparcializar, impassibilizar, impedir, impelir, impender, imperar, imperfeiçoar, imperializar, impermeabilizar, impermear, impersonalizar, impersonificar, impertinenciar, impessoalizar, impeticar, impetrar, impingir, impinguar, implantar, implicar, implorar, impor-se, importar, importunar, impossibilitar, imprecar, impregnar, imprensar, impressionar, imprimir, improvisar, impugnar, impulsionar, imputar, imunizar, inadimplir, inalar, inaugurar, incapacitar, incender, incendiar, incentivar, inchar, incidir, incinerar, incisar, incitar, inclinar, inclinar-se, incluir, incomodar, inconstitucionalizar, incorporar, incorrer, incrementar, incriminar, incrustar, incubar, inculcar, inculpar, incumbir, indagar, indeferir, indemnizar, indenizar, independer, indicar, indiciar, indigitar, indisciplinar, indispor-se, individualizar, indultar, indumentar, industrializar, induzir, inebriar, inerir, infamar, infectar, inferir, infernar, infernizar, infestar, infetar, infiltrar, infiltrar-se, infingir, infirmar, inflamar, inflar, infligir, influenciar, influir, informar, infringir, ingerir, ingerir-se, ingredir, ingressar, inibir, iniciar, inimizar, iniquar-se, injectar, injetar, injungir, injuriar, inocentar, inocular, inovar, inquietar, inquietar-se, inquirir, inscrever, inscrever-se, inserir, insinuar, insinuar-se, insistir, inspeccionar, inspecionar, inspetar, inspirar, instalar, instalar-se, instaurar, instituir, instruir, instrumentar, insultar, insurgir, integrar, intender, intensificar, intentar, intercalar, intercambiar, interceder, interceptar, interditar, interdizer, interessar, interessar-se, interferir, interiorizar, intermediar, internacionalizar, internar, interpelar, interpolar, interpor, interpretar, interrogar, interromper, intersectar, interver, intervir, intimar, intimidar, intitular, intoxicar, intrigar, intrincar, introdir, introduzir, introduzir-se, intrometer, intrometer-se, intuir, intumescer, inumar, inundar, inutilizar, invadir, invalidar, invectivar, invejar, inventar, invernar, inverter, investigar, investir, invidar, invocar, inçar, iodar, ionizar, ir, ir-se, irar, irar-se, irmanar, irradiar, irrigar, irritar, irrogar, irromper, iscar, isentar, isolar, isolar-se, iterar, içar.