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Portuguese verbs starting with F

All 267 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

fabricar, fabular, fac-similar, faccionar, facetar, facilitar, facturar, facultar, fadejar, fadigar, fagulhar, faiar, fairar, faiscar, falar, falcoar, falecer, falguer, falhar, falir, falocar, falquear, falquejar, falsear, falsificar, faltar, familiarizar, familiarizar-se, fanar, fandingar, fanfarronar, fantasiar, fardar, farejar, farfalhar, farpear, fartar, fartar-se, fascinar, fatejar, fatiar, fatigar, faturar, favorecer, faxinar, fazer, fazer-se, fechar, fechar-se, feder, federalizar, fedinchar, feirar, feitoriar, felicitar, feltrar, feminizar, fenar, fender, fendrelhar, fendrilhar, fenecer, fenestrar, fermentar, ferrar, ferroar, fertilizar, fervelhar, ferver, fervilhar, festar, festejar, fiar, fiar-se, ficar, figurar, filhar, filiar, filiar-se, filmar, filosofar, filosofear, filtrar, finalizar, financiar, finar, fincar, findar, fingir, fintar, firmar, fiscalizar, fisgar, fitar, fixar, flabelar, flagelar, flagrar, flamejar, flanar, flanquear, flartar, flautear, flectir, fletir, flexionar, florear, florescer, florestar, florir, fluir, flutuar, focalizar, focar, fofar, folegar, folgar, folhar, folhear, foliar, fomentar, forcejar, forjar, formalizar, formar, formigar, formosentar, formular, fornecer, fornejar, fornicar, forquear, forquilhar, forrar, fortalecer, fortalezar, fortaçar, fortificar, fortunar, fortunear, forçar, foscar, fosfatar, fosforar, fosforear, fosforejar, fosforescer, fosforetar, fosforizar, fossar, fossilizar, fotear, fotocopiar, fotografar, fotogravar, fotolitografar, fototipar, fototipiar, foucear, foucinhar, fouçar, fracassar, fraccionar, fracionar, fracturar, fradar, fragalhotear, fragatear, fragmentar, fragorar, fraguar, fraguear, fraldar, fraldear, fraldejar, francear, francesiar, frangalhar, frangalhotear, franger, frangir, franguear, franjar, franquear, franquiar, franzer, franzir, fraquear, fraquejar, frasear, frasquejar, fraternizar, fraturar, fraudar, frautear, frear, frechar, freirar, fremir, frenar, frenesiar, frentear, frequentar, freqüentar, fresar, frescatar, fretar, friccionar, frigir, frigorificar, frisar, fritar, frocar, froixar, frondar, frondear, frondejar, frontear, fronteirar, frouxar, frufrutar, fruir, frulhar, frustrar, frutar, frutear, frutificar, fubecar, fugar, fugir, fujicar, fulgentar, fulgentear, fulgurar, fulminar, fuloar, fumar, fumarar, fumear, fumegar, fumigar, funambular, funar, funcionalizar, funcionar, funcionarizar, fundamentar, fundar, fundear, fundilhar, fundir, funestar, fungar, furacar, furar, furdunçar, furifunar, furoar, furtar, fusionar, fustigar, futicar, futilizar, futricar, futurar, fuxicar, fuzilar.