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Portuguese verbs starting with C

All 638 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

cabalar, cabecear, caber, cabrear, cabriolar, cabritar, cabular, cacarejar, cacear, cacetar, cacetear, cachar, cachear, cachetar, cachimbar, cachinar, cachondear, cacifar, cacimbar, cacografar, cacuminalizar, cadastrar, cadastrar-se, cadaverizar, cadenciar, cadinhar, cadmiar, caducar, cafangar, caftinar, caftinizar, cafunar, cafungar, cagar, caiar, caibrar, cainhar, cainçar, cair, cairelar, calabrear, calacear, calaceirar, calafetar, calafetear, calamistrar, calamocar, calar, calar-se, calcar, calcarizar, calcetar, calcificar, calcinar, calcografar, calcular, caldear, calejar, calemburar, calhar, calibrar, caluniar, calvar, calçar, cambalear, cambalhotar, cambar, cambetear, cambiar, caminhar, campear, camuflar, canalizar, cancelar, candidatar-se, canear, cangar, canjar, canonizar, cansar, cantar, cantarejar, cantarolar, caotizar, capacitar, capar, capengar, capinar, capitalizar, capitanear, capitular, capotar, capsular, captar, capturar, caracterizar, carbonar, carbonizar, cardar, carecer, carenar, caricaturar, carifranzir, carimbar, cariocar, carnear, carnifazer, carpelar, carpentar, carpinteirar, carpintejar, carpir, carrear, carregar, cartear, casamatar, casar, casar-se, cascatear, casquinar, cassar, castigar, castiçar, castrar, catalisar, catalogar, catar, categorizar, catequizar, cativar, catucar, caturrar, caucionar, causar, cautelar, cauterizar, cavalgar, cavaquear, cavar, cavoucar, caçar, caçoar, cear, cecear, ceder, cegar, ceifar, ceivar, celebrar, cenhir, censurar, centelhar, centrifugar, cercar, cernir, cerrar, certificar, cerzir, cessar, cesurar, cevar, chacinar, chacoalhar, chafalhar, chafurdar, chalacear, chamar, chamar-se, chamejar, chamuscar, chanfrar, changer, chantar, chapar, chapinhar, chapiçar, charlatanear, charquear, chatear, chatear-se, chefiar, chegar, cheirar, chiar, chibar, chibatar, chibatear, chicanar, chicotear, chifrar, chilrar, chilrear, chimarrear, chimarronear, chimpar, chiscar, chisnar, chispar, chocalhar, chocar, choramingar, chorar, choutar, chouver, chover, chuchar, chufar, chumaçar, chumbar, chupar, chutar, chuvinhar, chuviscar, ciar, cibar, cicatrizar, cifrar, cilhar, cilindrar, cimentar, cinchar, cindir, cingir, cintar, cintilar, cinzelar, circuir, circular, circumpor, circuncidar, circundar, circunfluir, circunjazer, circunscrever, circunver, circunvoluir, cirzir, cisalhar, cisar, ciscar, cismar, citar, ciumar, civilizar, clamar, claraboiar, clarear, clarificar, classicizar, classificar, claudicar, clivar, clorar, co-delinquir, co-delinqüir, coabitar, coadjuvar, coadunar, coagular, coalescer, coalhar, coanhar, coar, coaxar, cobiçar, cobrar, cobrir, cobrir-se, cocegar, cochar, cochichar, cochilar, codear, codificar, cofiar, cogitar, cognominar, coibir, coicear, coincidir, coisar, coisificar, coitar, colaborar, colacionar, colar-se, colear, coleccionar, colecionar, coletar, colidir, coligir, colimar, coliquar, colmar, colmatar, colocar, colocar-se, colonizar, colorar, colorir, comandar, combalir, combater, combinar, combinar-se, comboiar, comedir, comemorar, comendar, comentar, comer, comercializar, comerciar, cometer, começar, comichar, cominar, cominuir, comiscar, comiserar, comover, compactar, compactuar, compadecer, compadecer-se, compaginar, comparar, comparar-se, comparecer, compartilhar, compartimentar, compelir, compenetrar, compensar, compensar-se, competir, compilar, complanar, complazer, complementar, completar, complicar, compor, compor-se, comportar, comportar-se, compossuir, comprar, comprazer-se, compreender, comprender, comprimir, comprimir-se, comprometer, comprometer-se, comprovar, compulsar, compungir, computar, comungar, comunicar, comutar, concatenar, conceber, conceder, conceituar, concentrar, concentrar-se, concernir, concertar, conciliar, concionar, concitar, concluir, concordar, concretar, concretizar, concutir, condecorar, condenar, condensar, condescender, condiciar, condicionar, condimentar, condizer, condoer, conduzir, conectar, confabular, confazer, confeccionar, confeitar, confeiçoar, conferenciar, conferir, confessar, confiar, configurar, confinar, confirmar, confiscar, conflitar, confluir, conformar, conformar-se, confortar, confranger, confraternizar, confrontar, confrontar-se, confugir, confundir, congelar, congelar-se, congestionar, congratular, congratular-se, congraçar, congregar, conhar, conhecer, conjecturar, conjeturar, conjugar, conjurar, conotar, conquistar, consagrar, consagrar-se, consciencializar, consciencializar-se, conseguir, consentir, consertar, conservar, considerar, consignar, consistir, consoar, consolar, consolidar, consonar, conspirar, conspurcar, constar, constatar, constelar, consternar, constitucionalizar, constituir, constranger, constringir, construir, consubstanciar, consultar, consultar-se, consumar, consumir, contactar, contagiar, contagiar-se, contaminar, contaminar-se, contar, contatar, contemplar, contender, contentar, conter-se, contestar, contiguar, continuar, contorcer, contornar, contra-atacar, contra-impelir, contrabalançar, contrabandear, contracenar, contradistinguir, contradizer, contrafazer, contrair, contrair-se, contraminar, contrapesar, contrapor, contraproduzir, contrapropor, contrariar, contrastar, contratar, contravir, contribuir, controlar, controverter, contundir, conturbar, convalescer, convencer, convencer-se, convencionar, convergir, conversar, converter, convidar, convir, conviver, convocar, convolar, convolver, convulsar, convulsionar, cooperar, cooptar, coordenar, copiar, copular, coquetear, corar, corcovar, corcovear, cornar, cornear, coroar, correferir, correger, correlacionar, correlatar, correr, corresponder, corresponder-se, corrigir, corroborar, corroer, corromper, corrugar, cortar, cortejar, corvejar, coscuvilhar, coser, cosmopolizar, costear, costranger, costumar, costurar, cotar, cotejar, cotovelar, coucear, couraçar, coutar, coxear, cozer, cozinhar, coçar, cravar, cravejar, creditar, cremar, crepitar, crer, crescer, crestar, criar, cricrilar, criminalizar, criminar, crisalidar, crismar, crispar, cristalizar, cristianizar, cristificar, criticar, crivar, crochetar, crocitar, cromar, cromatizar, cronicar, croniquizar, cronometrar, cruciar, crucificar, crucifixar, crucigiar, cruentar, cruzar, cubar, cucar, cucular, cucurbitar, cucuricar, cucuritar, cuidar, cuidar-se, cuincar, cuinchar, cuinhar, culapar, culatrar, culimar, culminar, culpar, cultivar, cultuar, cumpliciar, cumprimentar, cumprimentar-se, cumprir, cumular, cunhar, cuquear, curar, curar-se, curarizar, curetar, cursar, cursear, curtir, curvar, curvar-se, curvejar, curvetear, cuspilhar, cuspinhar, cuspir, custar, custear, custodiar, cutilar, cutinizar, cutisar, cutucar.