Portuguese verbs starting with A

Click on any of 1,301 Portuguese verbs beginning with A below to view a full conjugation table.

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ab-reagir, ab-rogar, ababadar, ababalhar, ababelar, ababosar, ababroar, abacalhoar, abacelar, abacharelar, abaciar, abacinar, abadalar, abadalhocar-se, abadanar, abadar, abadernar, abadessar, abadiar, abaetar, abafar, abagaceirar, abaganhar, abagar, abagaçar, abagoar, abagualar-se, abagunçar, abainhar, abaionetar, abairrar, abaixar, abalaiar, abalançar, abalar, abalaustrar, abalbutir, abaldear, abalienar, abalizar, abalofar, abalorecer, abalroar, abalsar, abaluartar, abalçar, abananar, abanar, abancar, abandalhar, abandar, abandear, abandeirar, abandonar, abaniar, abanicar, abanquetear, abanquiar, abaratar, abaratear, abarbar, abarbarar, abarbatar, abarbear, abarcar, abarracar, abarrancar, abarregar-se, abarretar, abarricar, abarrigar, abarrocar, abarrotar, abarruntar, abasbacar, abastar, abastardar, abastardear, abastecer-se, abatatar, abater, abatocar, abatumar, abaular, abaçanar, abceder, abcidir, abcindir, abdicar, abduzir, abecar, abecer, abeirar, abeirar-se, abeiçar, abelgar, abelhar, abelhuar-se, abemolar, abendiçoar, abençoar, aberrar, aberturar, abesantar, abesourar, abespinhar, abestiar, abexigar, abgregar, abibliotecar, abicar, abigear, abirritar, abiscoitar, abismar, abivacar, abjudicar, abjugar, abjungir, abjurar, abjurgar, ablaquear, ablaquecer, ablegar, abletiar, ablocar, abluir, abnegar, abnuir, abobadar, abobar, abocanhar, abocar, abocetar, abochicar, abodegar, abodocar, abofetear, aboiar, aboiçar, aboldriar, abolear, abolerecer, aboletar, abolir, abolorecer, abolçar, abombar, abominar, abonançar, abonar, abondar, abordar, abordoar, aborrascar, aborrecer-se, aborregar, aborrir, abortar, aborçar, aboscar, abotecar, abotoar, abougar, abouçar, aboçar, abrancaçar, abrandar, abrandecer, abranger, abranquiçar, abrasar, abrasear, abrasileirar, abraçar-se, abrenunciar, abreviar, abrigar-se, abrigoir, abrilhantar, abrir, abrir-se, abrolhar, abronzear, abroquelar, abrutalhar, abrutar, abrutecer, absceder, abscidir, abscindir, absconder, absentar, absintar, absintiar, absolutizar, absolver, absonar, absorver, abster-se, absterger, abstrair-se, abstruir, absumir, abuar, abufelar, abular, abundanciar, abundar, aburelar, aburguesar, aburilar, aburrinhar, abusar, abusear, abuçar, abvacuar, abvolar, acabar, acabaçar, acaber, acabrunhar, acacer, acachafundar, acachapar, acachaçar, acachear, acachimbar, acachoar, acachuchar, acacifar, acadear, academiar, academizar, acaecer, acagaçar, acair, acairelar, acaixilhar, acaixotar, acajadar, acalabrear, acalcanhar, acalcar, acalentar, acalhamaçar, acalmar, acalmar-se, acalçar, acamar, acamaradar, acambaiar, acambetar, acamboar, acambraiar, acambulhar, acampar, acanalhar, acanavear, acanhar, acanhoar, acanteirar, acantoar, acantonar, acapangar, acaramular, acarangar, acarapinhar, acardumar, acarear, acariciar, acariciar-se, acarinhar, acaroar, acarrear, acarretar, acartar, acasalar, acasear, acastanhar, acastelar, acatar, acatingar, acatitar, acautelar, acaçapar, acebar, aceder, acegar, aceirar, aceitar, acelerar, acenar, acender, acendrar, aceniscar, acentuar, acepilhar, acepipar, aceptuar, acequiar, acerar, acerbar, acerejar, acertar, acervar, acessar, acetar, acetificar, acetinar, acevadar, acevar, achabaçar, achacar, achafundar, achagar, achaparrar, achar, achassir, achatar, achegar, achinar, achincalhar, achocalhar, achocolatar, acicatar, acidentar, acidificar, acidular, aciganar, acimentar, acinger, acingir, acinzentar, acionar, acirrar, aclamar, aclarar, aclarear, aclarecer, aclimar, aclimatar, aclimatizar, acoar, acobardar, acobertar, acobilhar, acobrear, acochar, acocorar, acocorar-se, acofiar, acogular, acoimar, acoirelar, acoitadar, acoitar, acoiçar, acolchetar, acolchoar, acolher, acolherar, acometer, acomodar, acompadrar, acompanhar, acompridar, aconchegar, aconchegar-se, acondicionar, acondimentar, aconfeitar, aconhecer, aconselhar, acontecer, acontiar, acoplar, acoquinar, acorar, acorrentar, acorrer, acortinar, acossar, acostar, acostumar, acostumar-se, acotiar, acoticar, acotovelar, acotovenhar, acoudecer, acoutar, acovardar, acovardar-se, acovilhar, acreditar, acrescentar, acrescer, acromatizar, activar, actualizar, actuar, acuar, acudir, aculturar, acuminar, acumular, acunhar, acupremir, acupuncturar, acurar, acurvar, acusar, acusar-se, adamar, adaptar, adaptar-se, adarvar, adejar, adelgaçar, adelgaçar-se, adequar, adequar-se, ader, aderir, adestrar, adiantar, adiantar-se, adiar, adicionar, adietar, adimplir, adir, aditar, adivinhar, adjazer, adjectivar, adjudicar, adjungir, administrar, admirar, admitir, admonir, admugir, adocicar, adoecer, adolescer, adoptar, adorar, adormecer, adormir, adornar, adotar, adoçar, adquirir, adscrever, adsorver, adstringir, aduar, adubar, aducir, adular, adulterar, adumbrar, adurir, aduzer, aduzir, adverbializar, adversar, advertir, advir, adviver, advogar, aerossolizar, afagar, afalar, afamar, afarar, afastar, afastar-se, afatiar, afazer, afear, afectar, afectuar, afeiçoar, afeminar, aferir, afermentar, aferrar, aferroar, afervar, afervecer, aferventar, afetar, afiançar, afiar, aficar, afilar, afilhar, afiliar, afiliar-se, afinar, afingir, afirmar, afirmar-se, afiuzar, afivelar, afixar, aflautar, afleimar, afligir, afligir-se, aflorar, afluir, afocinhar, afofar, afogar, afogar-se, aforar, aforismar, aforquilhar, afortalezar, afrancesar, afreguesar, africanizar, afriguar, afrontar, afrouxar, afugentar, afumar, afundar, afundir, afustuar, agachar-se, agadancanhir, agajar, agalegar, agaloar, agarimar, agarrar, agarrar-se, agasalhar, agastar, agatanhar, agauchar-se, agazuar, agazular, agenciar, agendar, agigantar, agilitar, agir, agitar, aglomerar, aglutinar, agoirar, agoirentar, agomar, agoniar, agonizar, agourar, agourentar, agraciar, agradar, agradecer, agraduar, agrafar, agraudar, agravar, agravar-se, agrear, agredir, agregar, agrilhoar, agrisalhar, agrupar, aguar, aguardar, agudizar, aguentar, aguerrir, aguilhoar, aguçar, agüentar, airar, ajavardar, ajeirar, ajeitar, ajesuitar, ajoelhar, ajoelhar-se, ajoiar, ajoujar, ajudar, ajudar-se, ajuizar, ajuntar, ajustar, ajustar-se, alabar, alacrar, alagar, alambicar, alambrar, alambrear, alancar, alanhar, alapar, alar, alardear, alargar, alarmar, alastrar, alaudar, albergar, alcachinar, alcalinizar, alcançar, alcatifar, alcatroar, alcatruzar, alcofar, alcoolizar, alcovitar, alcunhar, aldrabar, alegar, alegorizar, alegrar, alegrar-se, aleijar, aleitar, aleixar, aleluiar, alembrar, alentar, alertar, alevantar, alfabetar, alfabetizar, alfaiatar, alfenar, alfinetar, alforjar, alforriar, algaliar, algaraviar, algemar, alhear, aliar, aliar-se, alicerçar, aliciar, alienar, aligeirar, alijar, alimentar, alimentar-se, alinhar, alinhavar, alisar, alistar, aliterar, aliviar, almagrar, almarear, almecegar, almejar, almiscarar, almoedar, almoçar, aloirar, aloisar, alojar, alombar, alongar, alourar, alquebrar, alqueivar, alquilar, altear, alterar, altercar, alternar, alternar-se, altruir, altruizar, aluar, alucinar, aludir, alugar, aluir, alumbrar, alumiar, alunar, aluviar, aluzir, alveitar, alvejar, alvorecer, alvoroçar, alvotar, alçapremar, alçar, amachucar, amaciar, amadrinhar, amadurar, amadurecer, amainar, amaldiçoar, amalgamar, amalhar, amalhoar, amalucar, amamentar, amanhar, amanhecer, amansar, amanteigar, amar, amarar, amarelar, amarelecer, amarelir, amarfanhar, amaricar, amariçar, amarrar, amarrotar, amarruar, amarujar, amarulhar, amassar, amatilhar, ambicionar, amear, ameaçar, amedorentar, amedrontar, ameigar, ameijoar, ameninar, amenizar, amerger, americanizar, amerujar, amestrar, amigar, amimar, aminguar, amiudar, amnistiar, amochilar, amochoir-se, amofinar, amoiar, amoitar, amojar, amolar, amoldar, amolecar, amolecer, amolentar, amolgar, amontar, amontoar, amorar, amordaçar, amorenar, amortalhar, amortecer, amortizar, amortiçar, amostrar, amotinar, amotinar-se, amover, amparar, amplexar, ampliar, amplificar, amputar, amuar, amuralhar, amurar, anabolizar, anacronizar, anafar, anagramatizar, anaguar, analisar, anarquizar, anatematizar, anatomizar, ancilosar, ancinhar, ancorar, anediar, anestesiar, anexar, angariar, angelizar, anglicizar, angular, angustiar, anichar, aniilar, animadvertir, animar, aninar, aninhar, aninhar-se, aniquilar, anistiar, aniversariar, anodizar, anonadar, anonimizar, anormalizar, anotar, anovar, anovelar, ansiar, antagonizar, anteceder, antecipar, antecipar-se, antedar, antedatar, antedizer, anteferir, antefruir, antegostar, antegozar, antemover, antepagar, antepor, antessentir, antever, anteverter, antevir, antidotar, antiguar, antipatizar, antiquar, antojar, antolhar, antropomorfizar, anuir, anular, anunciar, anuviar, apadrinhar, apadroar, apagar, apaiolar, apaixonar, apaixonar-se, apaladar, apalavrar, apalaçar, apalermar, apalmar, apalpar, apandar, apanhar, apaniaguar, apaniguar, aparafusar, aparar, aparatar, aparceirar, aparecer, aparelhar, aparentar, apartar, aparvalhar, apassamanar, apatetar, apaular, apavorar, apaziguar, apear, apedar, apedrejar, apegar, apelar, apelidar, apelintrar, apendar, apender, apendicular, apensar, apequenar, aperceber, aperceber-se, aperfeiçoar, aperrear, apertar, apertar-se, aperuar, apetecer, apetir, apiedar, apiedar-se, apilhar, apimentar, apitar, aplacar, aplainar, aplanar, aplaudir, aplicar, aplicar-se, apocopar, apodrecer, apoiar, apoleirar, apologizar, apontar, apoquentar, aporrear, aportar, aportuguesar, aposentar, aposentar-se, apossuir, apostar, apostatar, apostemar, apostrofar, apotentar, apoteosar, apoteotizar, apoucar, aprazer, apreciar, apreender, apregoar, apremiar, aprender, apresar, apresenciar, apresentar, apresentar-se, apresigar, apressar, apressar-se, aprestar, apreçar, aprimorar, aprisionar, aprofundar, aprofundar-se, aprontar, aprontar-se, apropinquar, apropriar, apropriar-se, aprovar, aproveitar, aproveitar-se, aprovisionar, aproximar, aproximar-se, aprumar, apuar, apunhalar, apupar, apurar, aquaplanar, aquar, aquartelar, aquecer, aquecer-se, aquentar, aquiescer, aquietar, aquilatar, arabescar, arabizar, aramar, arapuar, arar, arbitrar, arborescer, arborizar, arcabuzar, arcaizar, arcar, arcuar, arder, arear, arejar, arengar, arfar, argentar, argolar, arguciar, arguir, argumentar, argüir, arianizar, armar, armazenar, aromatizar, arpar, arpejar, arpoar, arquear, arquejar, arquitectar, arquivar, arraigar, arrair, arramalhar, arrancar, arranhar, arranjar, arrasar, arrastar, arrastar-se, arrazoar, arraçoar, arrear, arrebanhar, arrebatar, arrebentar, arrecadar, arrecear, arrecuar, arredar, arredondar, arrefecer, arreferir, arregalar, arreganhar, arregar, arregimentar, arreigar, arreitar, arrelvar, arrematar, arremedar, arremediar, arremessar, arremeter, arrendar, arrenegar, arrenquar, arrepanhar, arrepelar, arrepender-se, arrepetir, arrepiar, arrequentar, arrer, arretar, arriar, arribar, arrimar, arrincar, arriscar, arrobar, arrobustar, arrochar, arrogar, arrolar, arrolhar, arrombar, arrotar, arroubar, arrouçar, arroxar, arroxear, arruar, arrufar, arruinar-se, arruinhar, arrulhar, arrumar, arruçar, artelhar, arterializar, articular, artificializar, artilhar, arvorar, asar, ascender, ascordar, asfixiar, asilar, asnear, asparger, aspargir, asperger, aspergir, aspirar, assacar, assalariar, assaltar, assanhar, assar, assarapantar, assassinar, assediar, assegurar, assejar, asselar, assemelhar, assemelhar-se, assenhorear, assentar, assentir, asserir, assestar, asseverar, assimilar, assinalar, assinar, assistir, assoalhar, assoar-se, assoberbar, assobiar, associar, assomar, assombrar, assonar, assoprar, assorear, assoviar, assubir, assumir, assuntar, assurgir, assustar, assustar-se, astringir, astrugir, atabalhoar, atacar, atafegar, atalaiar, atalhar, atanazar, atanger, atapetar, atar, atarantar, atarefar, atarraxar, atascar, ataudar, ataviar, atazanar, atear, ateigar, ateimar, atemorizar, atempar, atenazar, atender, atentar, atenuar, ater-se, aterecer, aterneguir, aterrar, aterrissar, aterrorizar, atesar, atesourar, atestar, atinar, atingir, atirar, ativar, atiçar, atochar, atolar, atolar-se, atomizar, atoniar, atonizar, atordoar, atormentar, atoxicar, atracar, atrair, atraiçoar, atrapalhar, atrapalhar-se, atrasar, atravancar, atravessar, atrazer, atreguar, atrelar, atrever-se, atribuir, atribular, atributar, atritar, atroar, atrofiar, atropelar, atuar, atucanar, atuir, atulhar, atumultuar, atupir, aturar, aturdir, aturgir, auferir, augar, augir, augurar, aumentar, aunar, aureolar, auricobrir, auriluzir, aurir, auscultar, ausentar-se, austar, autenticar, autoconstruir, autodestruir-se, automatizar, autopsiar, autorizar, autuar, avaliar, avalizar, avantajar, avançar, avariar, avassalar, avecer, avelar, avelhar, avelhentar, aventar, aventurar, averbar, avergonhar, averiguar, avermelhar, avexar, aviar, aviar-se, avigorar, aviltar, avir-se, avisar, avistar, aviusar, avivar, aviventar, avizinhar, avizinhar-se, avocar, avolumar, avolumar-se, avondar, avultar, azabumbar, azafamar, azagaiar, azarar, azedar, azeitar, aziumar, azoar, azoratar, azorragar, azorrar, azotar, azougar, azucrinar, azular, azulejar, azumbrar, azurzir, açacalar, açafroar, açaimar, açamar, açambarcar, açodar, açoitar, açoutar, açucarar, açular.