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French verbs starting with I

All 235 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

iconiser, identifier, idiotifier, idiotiser, idolâtrer, idéaliser, idéer, idéologiser, ignifuger, ignorer, illimiter, illuminer, illusionner, illustrer, illuter, imager, imaginer, imbiber, imboire, imbriquer, imiter, immatriculer, immatérialiser, immerger, immigrer, imminer, immobiliser, immoler, immortaliser, immuniser, impacter, impartir, impatienter, impatroniser, imperméabiliser, impersonnaliser, implanter, impliquer, implorer, imploser, importer, importuner, imposer, impressionner, imprimer, improuver, improviser, imprégner, impugner, impulser, imputer, impétrer, inachever, inactiver, inaugurer, incaguer, incamérer, incanter, incarcérer, incarner, incendier, incidenter, incinérer, inciser, inciter, incliner, inclure, incomber, incommoder, incorporer, incriminer, incruster, incrémenter, incuber, inculper, inculquer, incurver, incérer, indaguer, indemniser, indexer, indianiser, indicer, indifférencier, indifférer, indigestionner, indigner, indigérer, indiquer, indisposer, individualiser, individuer, induire, indulgencier, indurer, industrialiser, infantiliser, infecter, infester, infibuler, infirmer, infliger, influencer, influer, infléchir, infondre, informatiser, informer, infroissabiliser, infuser, inféoder, inférer, inférioriser, ingurgiter, ingérer, inhaler, inhiber, inhumer, initialiser, initier, injecter, injurier, innerver, innocenter, innover, inoculer, inonder, inquisitionner, inquiéter, inscrire, insculper, insensibiliser, insinuer, insister, insoler, insolubiliser, insonoriser, inspecter, inspirer, installer, instantanéiser, instaurer, instiguer, instiller, instituer, institutionnaliser, instruire, instrumentaliser, instrumenter, insuffler, insulariser, insulter, insupporter, insécuriser, inséminer, insérer, intailler, intellectualiser, intensifier, intenter, intentionnaliser, interagir, intercaler, intercepter, interchanger, interclasser, interconnecter, intercéder, interdire, interfacer, interfolier, interférer, interjecter, interjeter, interligner, interloquer, internaliser, internationaliser, interner, interpeller, interpoler, interposer, interpréter, interroger, interrompre, intersecter, intervenir, intervertir, interviewer, intimer, intimider, intituler, intoxiquer, intriguer, intriquer, introduire, introjecter, introjeter, introniser, introspecter, intuber, intuitionner, intégrer, intéresser, intérioriser, invalider, invectiver, inventer, inventorier, inverser, invertir, investiguer, investir, inviter, involuer, invoquer, inégaliser, ioder, iodler, ioniser, iouler, iriser, ironiser, irradier, irriguer, irriter, irrorer, irréaliser, islamiser, isoler, isomériser, issir, italianiser, itérer, ivrogner.