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French verbs starting with G

All 264 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

gabarier, gabeler, gaber, gabionner, gadgétiser, gaffer, gager, gagner, gainer, galantiser, galber, galer, galeter, galipoter, galonner, galoper, galopiner, galvaniser, galvauder, galéjer, galérer, gamahucher, gambader, gamberger, gambier, gambiller, gaminer, gangrener, ganser, ganteler, ganter, garancer, garantir, garder, garer, gargoter, gargouiller, garnir, garnisonner, garrotter, gasconner, gaspiller, gastrectomiser, gaucher, gauchir, gaudrioler, gaufrer, gauler, gaver, gazer, gazonner, gazouiller, gazéifier, geindre, geler, gemmer, gendarmer, genéter, gerber, gercer, germaniser, germer, germiner, gesticuler, giberner, giboyer, gicler, gifler, gigoter, gigotter, giguer, gileter, ginginer, ginguer, girer, gironner, girouetter, giter, givrer, glacer, glairer, glaiser, glander, glandouiller, glaner, glapir, glatir, glavioter, glisser, globaliser, glorifier, gloser, glottorer, glougloter, glouglouter, glousser, gloutonner, gluer, glycériner, gléner, gobeloter, gobelotter, gober, goberger, gobeter, gobichonner, godailler, goder, godiller, godronner, goguenarder, goinfrer, gominer, gommer, gonder, gondoler, gonfler, goreter, gorger, gouacher, gouailler, goualer, gouaper, goudronner, gouger, gougnotter, goujonner, goupiller, goupillonner, gourer, gourgandiner, gourmander, gourmer, gournabler, gouter, goutteler, goutter, gouverner, grabeler, gracier, gracieuser, graduer, graffigner, grailler, graillonner, grainer, graisser, grammaticaliser, grammer, grandir, graniter, granitiser, granuler, graphiter, grappeler, grappiller, grappiner, grasseyer, graticuler, gratifier, gratiner, gratouiller, gratteler, gratter, grattonner, grattouiller, graveler, graver, gravillonner, gravir, graviter, grecquer, greffer, grelotter, grenader, grenailler, greneler, grener, greneter, grenouiller, grever, greviller, gribouiller, griffer, griffonner, grigner, grignoter, grillager, griller, grimacer, grimer, grimper, grincer, grincher, gringotter, gripper, grisailler, griser, grisoller, grisonner, griveler, grognasser, grogner, grognonner, grommeler, gronder, grossir, grossoyer, grouiller, grouiner, grouper, gruger, grusiner, gréciser, gréer, gréser, grésiller, grêler, guerroyer, guetter, gueuler, gueuletonner, gueusailler, gueuser, guider, guidonner, guigner, guignoler, guillemeter, guiller, guillocher, guillotiner, guimper, guincher, guinder, guiper, guirlander, guitariser, guniter, guéer, guéreter, guérir, guêper, guêtrer, gymnastiquer, gyrer, gâcher, gâter, gâtifier, gégèner, géhenner, gélatiner, gélatiniser, gélifier, gémeller, géminer, gémir, généraliser, générer, géographier, géométriser, gérer, gésir, gêner.