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French verbs starting with F

All 319 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

fabricoter, fabriquer, fabuler, fac-similer, facer, facetter, faciliter, factionner, factoriser, facturer, fader, fagoter, faiblir, faignanter, faillir, fainéanter, faire, faisander, falloir, falquer, falsifier, faluner, familiariser, fanatiser, faner, fanfarer, fanfaronner, fanfrelucher, fantasier, fantasmer, faonner, farandoler, farauder, farcer, farcir, fardeler, farder, farfouiller, farguer, fariboler, fariner, farnienter, farter, fasciner, fasciser, faseiller, faseyer, faséyer, fatiguer, fatrasser, fauberder, faucarder, faucher, fauciller, fauconner, faufiler, fausser, fauter, favoriser, fayoter, fayotter, façonner, feignanter, feindre, feinter, fendiller, fendre, fenestrer, fenêtrer, ferler, fermenter, fermer, ferrailler, ferrer, ferrouter, fertiliser, fesser, festiner, festonner, festoyer, feuiller, feuilleter, feuilletonner, feuillir, feuilloler, feuler, feutrer, fiancer, ficeler, ficher, fidéliser, fieffer, fienter, fier, fifrer, figer, fignoler, figurer, filer, fileter, filigraner, filmer, filocher, filonner, filouter, filtrer, financer, finasser, finir, finlandiser, fiscaliser, fissionner, fissurer, fixer, flageller, flageoler, flagorner, flairer, flamber, flamboyer, flancher, flanocher, flanquer, flaquer, flasher, flatter, flegmatiser, flemmarder, flemmasser, fleurdeliser, fleurer, fleureter, fleurir, fleuronner, flibuster, flinguer, flipper, fliquer, flirter, floconner, floculer, floquer, floqueter, florir, flotter, flouer, fluctuer, fluer, fluidifier, fluorer, fluorescer, fluoriser, fluter, fluxer, flytoxer, flâner, flânocher, flânoter, flécher, fléchir, flétrir, focaliser, foehner, foirer, foisonner, folichonner, folioter, folâtrer, fomenter, foncer, fonctionnaliser, fonctionnariser, fonctionner, fonder, fondre, forbannir, forcener, forcer, forcir, forclore, forer, forfaire, forfaitiser, forger, forhuer, forjeter, forlancer, forligner, forlonger, formaliser, formater, former, formoler, formuler, forniquer, fortifier, fosserer, fossiliser, fossoyer, fouailler, foudroyer, fouetter, fouger, fouiller, fouiner, fouir, foularder, fouler, foulonner, fourber, fourbir, fourcher, fourgonner, fourguer, fourmiller, fournir, fourrager, fourrer, fourvoyer, foutre, fox-trotter, foéner, foëner, fracasser, fractionner, fracturer, fragiliser, fragmenter, fraichir, fraiser, framboiser, franchir, franchiser, franciser, franger, fransquillonner, frapper, fraser, fraterniser, frauder, frayer, fraîchir, fredonner, freiner, frelater, fretter, fricasser, fricoter, frictionner, frigorifier, frigorifuger, friller, frimer, fringuer, friper, friponner, frire, friseliser, friser, frisotter, frissonner, fritter, froidir, froisser, froncer, fronder, froquer, frottailler, frotter, frouer, froufrouter, fructidoriser, fructifier, fruiter, frusquer, frustrer, frégater, frémir, fréquenter, fréter, frétiller, frêter, frôler, fuguer, fuir, fuiter, fulgurer, fulminer, fumailler, fumasser, fumer, fumeronner, fumiger, funer, funester, fureter, fuseler, fuser, fusiller, fusiner, fusionner, fustiger, futiliser, fâcher, fébriciter, fébriliser, féconder, féculer, fédéraliser, fédérer, féer, féliciter, féminiser, féodaliser, férir, fétichiser, féériser, fêler, fêter.