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French verbs starting with B

All 414 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

babiller, bachoter, bacler, badauder, badigeonner, badiner, baffer, bafouer, bafouiller, bafrer, bagarrer, bagoter, baguenauder, baguer, bahuter, baigner, bailler, baisoter, baisser, bakéliser, balader, balafrer, balancer, balancetiquer, balanstiquer, balayer, balbutier, baleiner, baliser, baliverner, balkaniser, ballaster, baller, ballonner, ballotter, balustrer, bambocher, banaliser, bancher, bander, banner, bannir, banquer, banqueter, baptiser, baqueter, baragouiner, baraquer, baratiner, baratter, barbariser, barbeler, barbeyer, barbifier, barboter, barbouiller, barder, barguigner, barioler, baronifier, baroniser, baronner, barouder, barrer, barricader, barrir, barroter, barytonner, baréter, basaner, basculer, baser, bassiner, bastillonner, bastinguer, bastionner, bastonner, bastringuer, batailler, bateler, batifoler, battiker, battre, baudir, baudouiner, bavarder, bavasser, baver, bavocher, bavoter, bayer, bazarder, baîller, becquer, becqueter, becter, beder, bedonner, belotter, bercer, berner, besogner, bestialiser, beugler, beurrer, biaiser, bibeloter, biberonner, bicher, bichonner, bidouiller, biduler, bienvenir, biffer, biffetonner, biftonner, bifurquer, bigarrer, biger, bigler, bigophoner, bigorner, bilinguiser, billarder, billebarrer, biller, billeter, billonner, biloquer, biner, binoter, biographier, bipasser, biqueter, biscoter, biscuiter, biseauter, bisegmenter, biser, bisouter, bisquer, bisser, bistourner, bistrer, biter, bitter, bitumer, bituminer, bituminiser, bivaquer, bivouaquer, bizuter, blablater, blackbouler, blaguer, blaireauter, blairer, blanchir, blanchoyer, blaser, blasonner, blasphémer, blatérer, blesser, blettir, bleuir, bleuter, blinder, blinquer, blondir, blondoyer, bloquer, blottir, blouser, bluffer, bluter, blâmer, bléer, bléser, blêmir, bobiner, bocarder, boetter, boguer, boire, boiser, boitailler, boiter, boitiller, bolcheviser, bolchéviser, bombancer, bombarder, bomber, bombiller, bombyciner, bonder, bondieuser, bondir, bondonner, bonifier, bonimenter, bonir, bonneter, bonnir, bordailler, bordayer, bordoyer, bordurer, bordéliser, borner, bornoyer, boscarder, bosseler, bosser, bossuer, bostonner, botaniser, botteler, botter, bottiner, boubouler, boucaner, boucharder, boucher, bouchonner, boucler, bouder, boudiner, bouffer, bouffir, bouffonner, bouger, bougier, bougner, bougonner, bouiller, bouillir, bouillonner, bouilloter, bouillotter, boulanger, bouler, boulevarder, bouleverser, bouliner, boulocher, boulonner, boulotter, boultiner, boumer, bouquer, bouquiner, bourder, bourdonner, bourgeonner, bourlinguer, bourreler, bourrer, bourriquer, boursicoter, boursiller, boursouffler, boursoufler, bousculer, bouser, bousiller, boustifailler, bouter, boutiquer, boutonner, bouturer, bouveter, boycotter, boësser, braconner, brader, brailler, braire, braiser, braisiller, bramer, brancarder, brancher, brandiller, brandir, brandouiller, branler, braquer, braser, brasiller, brasquer, brasser, brasseyer, bravader, braver, brayer, bredouiller, brelander, breller, bretailler, bretauder, bretteler, bretter, breveter, brichetonner, bricoler, brider, bridger, briefer, brier, brifer, briffer, brigander, briguer, brillanter, brillantiner, briller, brimbaler, brimer, brinder, bringuebaler, bringuer, brinquebaler, brioler, briquer, briqueter, briser, britanniser, brocanter, brocarder, brocher, brocheter, broder, broncher, brondir, bronzer, brosser, brouetter, brouillarder, brouillasser, brouiller, brouillonner, brouir, broussailler, brousser, brouter, broyer, bruiner, bruir, bruire, bruisser, bruiter, bruler, brumasser, brumer, brunir, brusquer, brutaliser, bréler, brésiller, brétailler, brêler, brûler, bucher, bucheronner, bucoliser, budgéter, budgétiser, buffeter, buffler, bugler, buiser, buissonner, bulldozer, buller, bureaucratiser, buriner, buser, busquer, buter, butiner, butter, buvarder, buvoter, buvotter, bâcher, bâcler, bâfrer, bâiller, bâillonner, bâter, bâtir, bâtonner, béatifier, bécher, bécheveter, bécoter, béer, bégayer, bégueter, bémoliser, bénir, bénéficier, béquer, béqueter, béquiller, bétifier, bétonner, bêcher, bêcheveter, bêler, bêtifier, bêtiser.