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French verbs starting with A

All 628 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

abaisser, abalourdir, abandonner, abasourdir, abattre, abcéder, abdiquer, abecquer, aberrer, abhorrer, abimer, abjurer, ablater, abloquer, abluer, ablutionner, abolir, abominer, abonder, abonner, abonnir, aborder, aborner, aboucher, abouler, abouter, aboutir, aboyer, abraser, abreuver, abricoter, abriter, abroger, abrutir, abréagir, abréger, absorber, absoudre, abstenir, absterger, abstraire, abuser, abuter, abymer, abâtardir, abécher, abêtir, abîmer, académiser, acagnarder, accabler, accaparer, accastiller, accentuer, accepter, accessoiriser, accidenter, acclamer, acclimater, accointer, accoiser, accolader, accoler, accommoder, accompagner, accomplir, accorder, accorer, accoster, accoter, accouardir, accoucher, accouder, accouer, accoupler, accourcir, accourir, accoutrer, accoutumer, accouver, accrassiner, accrocher, accroire, accroitre, accroupir, accroître, accréditer, accueillir, acculer, acculturer, accumuler, accuser, accéder, accélérer, acenser, achalander, acharner, acheminer, acheter, achever, achopper, achromatiser, acidifier, aciduler, aciseler, aciérer, acoquiner, acquiescer, acquitter, acquérir, acquêter, acter, actionner, activer, actualiser, acupuncturer, acérer, acétifier, acétyler, adapter, additionner, adduire, adenter, adhérer, adirer, adjectiver, adjoindre, adjuger, adjurer, adjuver, admettre, administrer, admirer, admonester, adoniser, adonner, adopter, adorer, adorner, adosser, adouber, adoucir, adresser, adsorber, aduler, adultérer, advenir, adverbialiser, affabuler, affacturer, affadir, affaiblir, affaisser, affaiter, affaler, affamer, affecter, affectionner, affener, affermer, affermir, afficher, affiler, affilier, affiner, affirmer, affleurer, affliger, afflouer, affluer, affoler, affolir, affouager, affouiller, affourager, affourcher, affourrager, affranchir, affriander, affricher, affrioler, affriter, affronter, affruiter, affréter, affubler, affurer, affuter, afféager, afférer, affûter, africaniser, agacer, agatiser, agencer, agenouiller, agglomérer, agglutiner, aggraver, agioter, agir, agiter, agneler, agonir, agoniser, agrafer, agrainer, agrandir, agresser, agricher, agriffer, agripper, agrouper, agréer, agréger, agrémenter, aguerrir, aguicher, ahaner, aheurter, ahonter, ahurir, aicher, aider, aigrir, aiguayer, aiguer, aiguiller, aiguilleter, aiguillonner, aiguiser, ailer, aileter, ailler, aimanter, aimer, airer, ajointer, ajourer, ajourner, ajouter, ajuster, alambiquer, alanguir, alarguer, alarmer, alcaliniser, alcaliser, alcooliser, alcoyler, alentir, alerter, alester, alestir, aleviner, algébriser, algérianiser, aligner, alimenter, aliter, aliéner, alkyler, allaiter, aller, allier, allitérer, allonger, allotir, allouer, alluder, allumer, allusionner, alluvionner, allécher, alléger, allégir, allégoriser, alléguer, alourdir, alpaguer, alper, alphabétiser, alterner, altérer, aluminer, aluner, alunir, aléser, amabiliser, amadouer, amaigrir, amalgamer, amariner, amarrer, amasser, amateloter, amatir, ambitionner, ambler, ambrer, ambuler, amender, amener, amenuiser, amerrir, amertumer, ameublir, ameulonner, ameuter, amiauler, amicoter, amidonner, amignarder, amignonner, amignoter, amincir, amnistier, amocher, amochir, amodier, amoindrir, amollir, amonceler, amorcer, amordancer, amortir, amouiller, amourer, amplifier, amputer, amunitionner, amurer, amuser, améliorer, aménager, américaniser, anagrammatiser, anagrammer, analgésier, analyser, anarchiser, anastomoser, anathématiser, anatomiser, ancrer, anecdotiser, anesthésier, anglaiser, angler, angliciser, angoisser, angéliser, anhéler, animaliser, animer, aniser, ankyloser, anneler, annexer, annihiler, annoncer, annoter, annuler, anoblir, anodiser, anordir, anser, anter, anthropomorphiser, anticiper, antidater, antiparasiter, antiseptiser, antéposer, anéantir, anémier, aouter, apaiser, apanager, apercevoir, apetisser, apeurer, apiquer, apitoyer, apiécer, aplanir, aplatir, apologiser, apoltronner, apoltronnir, apoplectiser, apostasier, aposter, apostiller, apostropher, apostumer, apothéoser, appairer, apparaitre, apparaître, appareiller, apparenter, apparier, appartenir, appauvrir, appeler, appendre, appertiser, appesantir, applaudir, appliquer, appointer, appointir, apponter, apporter, apposer, apprendre, apprivoiser, approcher, approfondir, approprier, approuver, approvisionner, approximer, apprécier, appréhender, apprêter, appuyer, appâter, appéter, apurer, apâlir, apériter, aquareller, arabiser, aramer, araser, arbitrager, arbitrer, arborer, arboriser, arbreter, arc-bouter, archaïser, architecturer, archiver, arder, ardoiser, ardre, argenter, argentier, argoter, argotiser, arguer, argumenter, arianiser, ariser, aristocratiser, arlequiner, armaturer, armer, armorier, arnaquer, aromatiser, arpenter, arpéger, arquebuser, arquepincer, arquer, arracher, arraisonner, arranger, arrenter, arrimer, arriser, arriver, arriérer, arroger, arrondir, arroser, arrérager, arrêter, arsouiller, articler, articuler, artificialiser, artificier, arçonner, ascendre, ascensionner, ascétiser, aseptiser, asiatiser, aspecter, asperger, asphalter, asphyxier, aspirer, assabler, assagir, assaillir, assainir, assaisonner, assarmenter, assassiner, assauvagir, assavoir, assembler, assener, assentir, asseoir, assermenter, asserter, asservir, assibiler, assigner, assimiler, assister, assiéger, associer, assoiffer, assoler, assombrir, assommer, assonancer, assoner, assortir, assoter, assoupir, assouplir, assourdir, assouvir, assujettir, assumer, assurer, assécher, asséner, asticoter, astiquer, astreindre, astrologiser, atermoyer, athéiser, atiger, atinter, atomiser, atourner, atrophier, atropiniser, attabler, attacher, attaquer, atteindre, atteler, attendre, attendrir, attenir, attenter, atterrer, atterrir, attester, attifer, attiger, attirer, attiser, attitrer, attiédir, attoucher, attraire, attraper, attremper, attribuer, attrister, attrouper, atténuer, aubader, auberger, aubiner, audiovisualiser, auditer, auditionner, augmenter, augurer, aumôner, auner, aurifier, auréoler, ausculter, authentifier, authentiquer, autocensurer, autocopier, autofinancer, autographier, autogérer, automatiser, autopsier, autoriser, avachir, avalancher, avaler, avaliser, avancer, avantager, avarier, aveindre, aventurer, avertir, aveuer, aveugler, aveulir, avilir, aviner, aviser, avitailler, aviver, avocasser, avoiner, avoisiner, avorter, avouer, avoyer, avuer, avérer, axiomatiser, azimuter, azurer, aérer.