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English verbs starting with W

All 333 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

wabble, wad, waddle, wade, wafer, waft, wag, wage, wager, waggle, wagon, wail, waiment, wainscot, wait, wait for the ball to drop, wait on, wait out, wait tables, wait up, wait upon, waive, wake, wake up, waken, wale, walk, walk around, walk back, walk in on, walk into, walk off, walk on eggshells, walk on the wild side, walk on water, walk over, walk the beat, wall, wallop, wallow, walm, walter, waltz, waltz Matilda, wamble, wander, wander off, wane, want, wanton, wantonize, wanze, wap, wapper, war, warble, ward, ward off, ware, warehouse, warfare, warish, warm, warm the bench, warm up, warn, warp, warrant, warrantise, warranty, warray, warry, wash, wash away, wash down, wash off, wash out, wash over, wash up, wash with, wassail, waste, waste away, waste time, watch, watch out, watch over, watch paint dry, water, water down, water ski, waterproof, wattle, waul, wave, waver, wawl, wax, wax and wane, wax poetic, way, wayfare, waylay, wayment, weaken, weal, wean, wear, wear away, wear off, wear out, wear the pants, wear the trousers, wear thin, wear too many hats, wear two hats, wear up, weary, weather, weathercock, weave, web, wed, wedge, weed, weed out, ween, weep, weet, weigh, weigh anchor, weigh down, weigh in, weigh up, weight, weight down, weird, weird out, weive, welcome, weld, weld together, welk, well, well up, welt, welter, wem, wench, wend, wern, west, wet, wet nurse, wet oneself, wex, weyve, whack, whack off, whack the illy, whammel, whang, wheedle, wheel, wheel and deal, wheel away, wheeze, whelm, whelp, whet, whew, whiff, whiffle, while, while away, whimper, whimple, whine, whinge, whinner, whinny, whip, whip down, whip in, whip off, whip out, whip up, whipstitch, whir, whirl, whirry, whisk, whisper, whist, whistle, whistle Dixie, whistle for, white, white knight, white out, whiten, whitewash, whittle, whiz, whoop, whoot, whop, whore, whore around, whore out, whur, whurry, wick, widen, widow, wield, wig, wig out, wiggle, wigwag, wilder, wile, willow, wilt, wimble, wimple, win, win one for the Gipper, win over, win the day, win through, wince, winch, wind, wind down, wind up, wind-break, winder, windlass, window, windrow, wing, wink, winnow, winter, wipe, wipe down, wipe off, wipe out, wipe up, wirble, wire, wiredraw, wis, wish, wish you well, wisp, witch, wite, withdraw, withe, wither, withhold, withsay, withset, withstand, witness, wive, wizen, wobble, womanize, womb, won, wonder, wone, wont, woo, wood, woold, word, work, work at, work blue, work like a dream, work nights, work on, work one's magic, work one's tail off, work out, work over, work through, work together, work up, worm, worrit, worry, worse, worsen, worship, worst, worth, worthy, woul, wound, wrack, wrack one's brain, wrack one's brains, wrangle, wrap, wrap one's head around, wrastle, wrath, wrawl, wray, wreak, wreathe, wreck, wreck shop, wrench, wrest, wrestle, wrig, wriggle, wring, wring out, wrinkle, write, write down, write up, writhe, wrong, wrong take, wry.