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English verbs starting with U

All 598 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

uglify, ugly, ulcerate, ultimate, ululate, umbecast, umbrate, umpire, unanchor, unapparel, unappropriate, unarm, unattire, unauthorize, unbag, unballast, unbank, unbar, unbark, unbarricade, unbay, unbear, unbecome, unbed, unbefool, unbeguile, unbelt, unbend, unbenumb, unbeseem, unbespeak, unbethink, unbewitch, unbias, unbind, unbishop, unbit, unbless, unblind, unblindfold, unbody, unbolt, unbone, unbonnet, unboot, unbosom, unbow, unbowel, unbox, unboy, unbrace, unbraid, unbreast, unbreech, unbridle, unbuckle, unbuild, unbundle, unbung, unburden, unburrow, unburthen, unbury, unbutton, uncage, uncamp, uncanonize, uncap, uncape, uncardinal, uncart, uncase, uncastle, uncentury, unchain, uncharge, uncharm, uncharnel, unchild, unchristen, unchristianize, unchurch, uncipher, uncity, unclasp, unclench, unclew, unclinch, uncling, uncloak, unclog, uncloister, unclose, unclothe, uncloud, unclue, unclutch, uncoach, uncock, uncoif, uncoil, uncombine, unconfound, uncongeal, unconsecrate, uncord, uncork, uncouple, uncover, uncowl, uncreate, uncredit, uncrown, uncurl, uncurse, uncurtain, uncypher, undam, undeaf, undeceive, undecide, undeck, undefine, undeify, underact, underaid, underbear, underbid, underbind, underbrace, underbuy, undercast, undercharge, undercreep, undercry, undercut, underdelve, underdig, underdo, underdose, underdrain, underestimate, underfeed, underfong, underfurnish, underfurrow, underget, undergird, undergo, undergrow, undergrub, underhang, underjoin, underkeep, underlay, underlet, underlie, underline, undermine, underpay, underpeep, underpin, underpitch, underplay, underpraise, underprize, underprop, underpull, underput, underrate, underreckon, underrun, undersay, underscore, undersell, underset, undershoot, undersign, underspend, understand, understate, understock, understroke, understudy, undertake, underturn, undervalue, underween, underwork, underwrite, underyoke, undeserve, undevil, undight, undirect, undisclose, undo, undock, undomesticate, undouble, undrape, undraw, undress, unduke, undulate, undull, undumpish, undust, unearth, unedge, unencumber, unentangle, unestablish, unface, unfasten, unfeather, unfellow, unfence, unfetter, unfeudalize, unfile, unfit, unfix, unflesh, unfold, unfool, unform, unframe, unfreeze, unfrequent, unfret, unfrock, unfurl, unfurnish, ungear, unget, ungird, ungive, unglaze, unglorify, unglove, unglue, ungod, ungown, ungrave, unguard, unhair, unhallow, unhand, unhang, unharbor, unharness, unhasp, unhat, unhead, unheart, unhele, unhelm, unhelmet, unhide, unhinge, unhitch, unhive, unhoard, unhold, unhood, unhook, unhoop, unhorse, unhouse, unhumanize, uniform, unify, unitarianize, unite, unitize, universalize, unjoin, unjoint, unkennel, unking, unkiss, unknight, unknit, unknot, unknow, unlace, unlade, unlap, unlash, unlatch, unlaugh, unlaw, unlay, unlearn, unleash, unliken, unlimber, unline, unlink, unlive, unload, unlock, unlodge, unloose, unloosen, unlord, unlove, unlute, unmagistrate, unmaiden, unmake, unman, unmanacle, unmantle, unmarry, unmasculate, unmask, unmember, unmew, unmingle, unmonopolize, unmoor, unmuffle, unmuzzle, unnail, unnaturalize, unnature, unnerve, unnest, unnestle, unnun, unoil, unorder, unpack, unpaganize, unpaint, unpannel, unparadise, unpay, unpeg, unpen, unpeople, unperfect, unperplex, unpervert, unphilosophize, unpick, unpin, unpinion, unplat, unpleat, unplug, unplume, unpoison, unpolish, unpope, unpossess, unpray, unpreach, unpredict, unpriest, unprison, unpromise, unprop, unproselyte, unprotestantize, unprovide, unpucker, unqualify, unqueen, unquiet, unravel, unrealize, unreason, unreave, unreeve, unrein, unriddle, unrig, unright, unrip, unrivet, unrobe, unroll, unroof, unroost, unroot, unruffle, unrumple, unsadden, unsaddle, unsaint, unsay, unscale, unscrew, unseal, unseam, unseason, unseat, unsecret, unsecularize, unseel, unsensualize, unsettle, unseven, unsew, unsex, unshackle, unshale, unshape, unsheathe, unshell, unshelve, unsheriff, unship, unshot, unshroud, unshut, unshutter, unsin, unsinew, unsister, unsling, unsluice, unsocket, unsolder, unsolemnize, unsoul, unspar, unspeak, unspell, unsphere, unspike, unspin, unspirit, unstack, unstarch, unstate, unsteel, unstep, unstick, unsting, unstitch, unstock, unstop, unstrain, unstrap, unstring, unsuit, unswaddle, unswathe, unswear, unsweat, unswell, untack, untackle, untangle, untaste, unteach, unteam, untemper, untenant, untent, unthink, unthread, unthrone, untie, untighten, untile, untomb, untongue, untread, untreasure, untruss, untuck, untune, unturn, untwine, untwirl, untwist, unty, unvail, unveil, unvessel, unvicar, unvisard, unvote, unvulgarize, unwarm, unwarp, unweave, unwill, unwind, unwish, unwit, unwitch, unwoman, unwonder, unwork, unworship, unwrap, unwreathe, unwrinkle, unwrite, unyoke, upbar, upbear, upbind, upblow, upbraid, upbreak, upbreathe, upbreed, upcast, upcheer, upclimb, upcoil, upcurl, updive, updraw, upend, upfill, upflow, upgather, upgaze, upgive, upgrow, upgush, uphang, upheave, uphilt, uphoard, uphold, upholster, uplay, uplead, uplean, uplift, uplock, uplook, uppile, uppluck, upprop, upraise, uprear, uprise, uproar, uproll, uproot, uprouse, uprun, uprush, upseek, upsend, upset, upshoot, upsnatch, upsoar, upspear, upspring, upstand, upstare, upstart, upstay, upswarm, upsway, upswell, uptake, uptear, upthrow, upthunder, uptie, uptrain, upturn, upwaft, upwhirl, upwind, upwreath, urbanize, ure, urge, urge on, urinate, urine, urticate, use, use the bathroom, use the restroom, use the toilet, use the washroom, use up, usher, usher in, usure, usurp, utilize, utter.