English verbs starting with S

Click on any of 486 English verbs beginning with S below to view a full conjugation table.

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sandbag, satisfy, save, save by the bell, save down, save up, saw, saw gourds, say, say goodbye, say it all, say no to, say yes to, scale, scale back, scale down, scale out, scale up, schedule, score, score off, scrag, scram, scrap, scrub, scrub in, scrub out, scrub up, search, secure, see, see beyond, see double, see fit, see in, see into, see off, see out, see red, see someone right, see stars, see the elephant, see the forest but for the trees, see the forest for the trees, see the forest through the trees, see the point, see the wood for the trees, see things, see through, see to, see to it, seek, seem, seethe, seize, seize out, seize up, seize upon, select, sell, sell away, sell down, sell down the river, sell off, sell on, sell past the close, sell short, sell up, sell wolf tickets, sell woof tickets, send, send away, send away for, send back, send below, send bush, send down, send for, send forth, send off, send on, send shivers down someone's spine, send to Coventry, send up, send word, sentence, serve, serve time, set, set about, set alight, set apart, set aside, set back, set by, set down, set fire, set foot, set forth, set free, set in, set off, set on, set on fire, set one's teeth on edge, set out, set out one's stall, set sail, set store by, set the bar, set the wheels in motion, set the world afire, set the world alight, set to music, set up, set upon, settle, settle down, settle in, settle into, settle someone's hash, settle up, sew, sew up, sex, sex up, shake, shake hands, shake hands with the unemployed, shake it, shake one's ass, shake one's head, shake out, shake up, share, share a bed, share and share alike, shear, shed, shed a tear, shed light on, shed light upon, shed out, shed tears, shend, shift, shine, shine through, ship, ship out, shit, shit a brick, shit off, shit on, shit out, shit talk, shit the bed, shoe, shoot, shoot blanks, shoot down, shoot off, shoot one's load, shoot one's wad, shoot the breeze, shoot the moon, shoot through, shoot through like a Bondi tram, shoot up, shop, shovel, show, show a clean pair of heels, show off, show round, show someone the ropes, show the cloven foot, show the cloven hoof, show up as, show who's boss, shred, shrink, shrink away, shrink back, shrink up, shrivel, shrivel up, shrug, shrug off, shut, shut down, shut in, shut off, shut out, shut up, sign, sign in, sign into law, sign off, sign on, sign on the dotted line, sign out, sign over, sign up, signal, sing, sing along, sing out, sing soprano, sing up, sink, sink in, sink one's teeth in, sit, sit around, sit back, sit down, sit in, sit in on, sit on it, sit on the fence, sit out, sit still, sit through, sit up, slay, sleep, sleep around, sleep off, sleep over, sleep talk, slide, sling, sling off, slink, slip, slip away, slip down, slip in, slip into, slip it to, slip one past, slip out, slip through, slip up, slit, slow, slow dance, slow down, slow roll, slow up, smell, smell blood, smell fishy, smite, smoke, smoke dope, smoke out, smoke pole, smoke up, snivel, soar, solve, sort, sort oneself out, sort out, sound, sound out, sow, spark, spark up, speak, speak for oneself, speak highly, speak ill of, speak in circles, speak in tongues, speak of, speak volumes, speed, speed stack, speed up, spell, spell check, spell it out, spell off, spell out, spell things out, spend, spend a penny, spend time, spill, spill out, spill over, spill the beans, spill the tea, spin, spin doctor, spin down, spin off, spiral, spit, spit feathers, spit it out, spit nails, spit out, spit up, split, split hairs, split off, split up, spoil, spoon-feed, spread, spread out, spring, spring back, spring out, spring to life, spring to mind, spring up, squat, squeeze, squeeze in, squeeze into, squeeze out, squeeze up, stand, stand by, stand down, stand firm, stand for, stand in, stand off, stand on ceremony, stand on its own, stand out, stand to, stand to reason, stand together, stand treat, stand up, stand up against, stand up for, stand up to, stand up with, start, start out, start over, start up, state, stave, stave in, stave off, stay, stay at home, stay behind, stay hungry, stay in, stay on, stay out, stay put, stay the distance, stay together, stead, steal, steal a glance, stem, stem the rose, stem the tide, stencil, step, step aside, step back, step dance, step foot, step on a duck, step on someone's toes, step over, step to, step up, stick, stick by, stick it to the man, stick one's head in the sand, stick out, stick out like a sore thumb, stick to, stick together, stick up, sting, stink, stink on ice, stink out, stink up, stop, stop at nothing, stop by, stop down, stop over, stop short, stop someone in his tracks, stop up, store, store away, store up, strap, strengthen, stress, strew, stride, strike, strike a balance, strike a blow, strike down, strike gold, strike lucky, strike one's colors, strike one's flag, strike out, strike the colors, strike the flag, strike through, string, string along, string bet, string on, string together, string up, strip, strip down, strip search, strip the willow, strive, strop, struggle, strum, strut, strut one's stuff, study, sublet, submit, succeed, suffer, suffer by comparison, suggest, suit, suit up, summit, supply, support, suppose, surge, surprise, surround, survey, survive, suspect, suspend, suspend one's disbelief, sustain, swap, swap in, swap out, swap spit, swear, swear in, swear on a stack of Bibles, swear out, sweat, sweat bullets, sweat out, sweep, sweep something under the rug, swell, swim, swim upstream, swing, swing both ways, swing the lead, swing through, switch, switch hit, switch off, switch on, swivel.