English verbs starting with O

Click on any of 526 English verbs beginning with O below to view a full conjugation table.

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oar, obduce, obduct, obdurate, obdure, obelize, obey, obfuscate, object, objectify, objectivate, objurgate, oblectate, obligate, oblige, oblique, obliterate, obnubilate, obolize, obrogate, obscure, obsecrate, observe, obsess, obsign, obsignate, obsolesce, obsolete, obstetricate, obstruct, obstupefy, obtain, obtemper, obtemperate, obtend, obtest, obtrude, obtruncate, obtund, obumbrate, obvert, obviate, occasion, occasionate, occlude, occult, occupate, occupy, occupy oneself, occur, odize, offend, offer, office, officer, officiate, offset, ogle, oil, oint, olden, omen, ominate, omit, omnify, one, one finger salute, one up, onerate, onset, oop, ooze, opacate, opalesce, opalize, ope, open, open fire, open someone's eyes, open source, open up, operate, opiate, opine, opinion, oppignerate, oppilate, oppone, oppose, oppress, oppugn, optate, oracle, oration, oratorize, orb, ordain, order, order arms, order out, ordinate, organ, organize, orient, orientate, originate, orn, ornament, ornate, orphan, orthographize, oscillate, oscitate, osculate, ossify, ostend, ostentate, ostracize, oust, out, out-Herod, outact, outargue, outbabble, outbalance, outbar, outbeg, outbid, outbleat, outblush, outbow, outbrag, outbrave, outbray, outbrazen, outbreast, outbreathe, outbribe, outbring, outbud, outbuild, outburn, outcant, outcheat, outclimb, outcompass, outcrafty, outcrop, outdare, outdazzle, outdo, outdraw, outdream, outdrink, outdwell, outface, outfawn, outfeat, outflank, outflatter, outflow, outfly, outfool, outfrown, outgaze, outgeneral, outgive, outgo, outgrow, outgush, outhire, outjest, outjuggle, outlast, outlaugh, outlaw, outlay, outleap, outlearn, outlie, outline, outlive, outlook, outmantle, outmarch, outmeasure, outmount, outname, outnoise, outnumber, outpace, outpass, outpeer, outplay, outpoise, outpour, outpower, outpray, outpreach, outprize, outquench, outrage, outrank, outray, outreach, outreason, outreckon, outreign, outride, outring, outrival, outrive, outroar, outromance, outroot, outrun, outrush, outsail, outscent, outscold, outscorn, outscout, outsee, outsell, outshine, outshoot, outshut, outsing, outsit, outsleep, outslide, outsoar, outsound, outspan, outsparkle, outspeak, outspeed, outspin, outsport, outspread, outspring, outstand, outstare, outstart, outstay, outstep, outstorm, outstretch, outstride, outstrike, outstrip, outsuffer, outswear, outsweeten, outswell, outtalk, outtell, outthrow, outtop, outtravel, outvalue, outvenom, outvie, outvillain, outvoice, outvote, outwalk, outwatch, outwear, outweary, outweed, outweep, outweigh, outwell, outwin, outwind, outwing, outwit, outwork, outworth, outwrest, outwrite, outzany, overabound, overact, overaffect, overagitate, overarch, overawe, overbalance, overbear, overbend, overbid, overbide, overblow, overboil, overbow, overbreed, overbrim, overbrow, overbuild, overbulk, overburden, overburn, overbuy, overcanopy, overcarry, overcast, overcatch, overcharge, overclimb, overcloud, overcloy, overcolor, overcome, overcount, overcover, overcrow, overcrowd, overdare, overdate, overdo, overdose, overdraw, overdress, overdrink, overdrive, overdrown, overdry, overdye, overeat, overempty, overestimate, overexcite, overexert, overeye, overfatigue, overfeed, overfill, overfish, overfloat, overflourish, overflow, overflush, overfly, overfreight, overfront, overgaze, overget, overgild, overgird, overgive, overglance, overglide, overgloom, overgo, overgorge, overgrace, overgrow, overhale, overhall, overhandle, overhang, overharden, overhaul, overhear, overheat, overhele, overhent, overhip, overhold, overinfluence, overinform, overissue, overjoy, overjump, overlade, overlap, overlash, overlay, overlead, overleap, overleaven, overlick, overlie, overlinger, overlive, overload, overlook, overlove, overmagnify, overmarch, overmast, overmaster, overmatch, overmeasure, overmeddle, overmix, overmount, overmultiply, overmultitude, overname, overnoise, overpaint, overpamper, overpart, overpass, overpay, overpeer, overpeople, overperch, overpersuade, overpicture, overplease, overply, overpoise, overpolish, overpost, overpower, overpraise, overpress, overprize, overproportion, overprovoke, overquell, overrake, overrate, overreach, overread, overreckon, overrefine, overrent, override, overripen, overroast, overrule, overrun, oversaturate, oversay, oversearch, overseason, oversee, oversell, overset, oversew, overshade, overshadow, overshake, overshine, overshoot, oversize, overskip, overslaugh, oversleep, overslide, overslip, overslow, oversorrow, oversow, overspan, overspeak, overspend, overspread, overspring, overstand, overstare, overstate, overstay, overstep, overstock, overstore, overstrain, overstraw, overstrew, overstride, overstrike, overstrow, oversupply, oversway, overswell, overtake, overtalk, overtask, overtax, overtempt, overthrow, overtire, overtitle, overtoil, overtop, overtower, overtrade, overtread, overtrip, overtrust, overturn, overvalue, overveil, overvote, overwalk, overwash, overwatch, overwax, overwear, overweary, overweather, overween, overweigh, overwell, overwhelm, overwind, overwing, overwit, overword, overwork, overwrest, overwrite, oviposit, owe, own, own up, oxidate, oxidize, oxygenate, oxygenize, ozonize.