English verbs starting with L

Click on any of 435 English verbs beginning with L below to view a full conjugation table.

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labefy, label, labialize, labiate, labor, lace, lace into, lace up, lacerate, lachrymate, lack, lackey, laconize, lacquer, lade, ladify, ladle, lag, lake, lam, lam into, lam out, lamb, lambaste, lame, lament, laminate, lampoon, lance, lanch, land, land the plane, land up, landlock, language, languish, langure, laniate, lank, lantern, lap, lap dance, lap up, lapidate, lapidify, lappet, lapse, lard, lare, lariat, lark, larrup, lash, lash down, lash out, lash together, lasso, last, last out, latch, latch on, latch onto, lath, lather, lather up, latibulize, latrate, lattice, laud, laugh, laugh all the way to the bank, laugh down, laugh off, laugh out of court, launch, launder, laundress, laureate, lave, laveer, lavish, lawe, lay, lay a foundation, lay about, lay an egg, lay aside, lay back, lay bare, lay by, lay chase, lay claim, lay down, lay down one's flag, lay hold of, lay in, lay into, lay it on thick, lay low, lay off, lay open, lay out, lay over, lay pipe, lay siege, lay some skin on, lay the smack down, lay to rest, lay tracks, lay up, lay waste, laze, leach, lead, lead astray, lead by example, lead climb, lead in, lead nowhere, lead off, lead up to, lead with one's chin, leaf, leaf out, leaf through, league, leaguer, leak, lean, lean in, lean into, lean on, leap, leap to mind, lear, learn, learn the hard way, lease, leash, leather, leave, leave a sour taste in one's mouth, leave alone, leave be, leave behind, leave for dead, leave one's options open, leave out, leave over, leave someone cold, leave someone hanging, leave someone holding the baby, leaven, lech, lecher, lecture, leech, leer, leese, leg, leg it, legalize, lege, legend, legislate, legitimate, legitimatize, legitimize, lend, lend a hand, lend a helping hand, lend an ear, lend itself to, length, lengthen, lenify, lese, less, less than three, lessen, lesson, let, let alone, let down, let get past, let go, let go and let God, let her rip, let loose, let off, let one rip, let out, let past, let sleeping dogs lie, let slide, let slip, let someone go, let the buyer beware, let the sleeping dogs lie, let up, letch, lethargize, letheonize, letter, levant, levee, level, level up, leverage, levigate, levitate, levy, lib, libel, liberalize, liberate, librate, license, lick, lick clean, lick one's lips, lick out, lick up, lie, lie doggo, lie down, lie ill in one's mouth, lie low, lie to, lifen, lift, lift a finger, lig, ligate, ligature, lige, light, light into, light out, light someone's fire, light up, lighten, lighten up, lighter, lightning, lignify, like, like like, liken, lill, lilt, limb, limbec, limber, limber up, lime, limit, limn, limp, limp reraise, lin, line, line feed, line up, linger, link, lionize, lip, lip off, lip sync, liquate, liquefy, liquidate, liquidize, liquor, liquor up, lisp, liss, list, listen, listen in, listen up, literalize, lithe, lithograph, lithotype, litigate, litter, live, live a lie, live at Her Majesty's pleasure, live beyond one's means, live blog, live down, live in poverty, live it up, live off, live off the land, live on, live on the edge, live the dream, live through, live tweet, live up, live with, livery, lixiviate, load, loaf, loam, loathe, lob, lobby, localize, locate, lock, lock away, lock in, lock on, lock out, lock pick, lock up, lodge, log, log in, log off, log on, log out, logroll, loiter, loll, lollop, londonize, long, long for, long jump, loo, look, look after, look ahead, look beyond, look for, look for a dog to kick, look forward to, look into, look like, look on, look on as, look out, look over, look the other way, look the part, look through, look up, look up to, look upon, loom, loom large, loop, loose, loose cannon, loosen, loosen up, loot, lop, lop off, lope, lopper, lord, lord it over, lord over, loricate, lose, lose count, lose face, lose heart, lose her head, lose her mind, lose her temper, lose his head, lose his mind, lose his temper, lose it, lose my head, lose my mind, lose my temper, lose one's cool, lose one's head, lose one's mind, lose one's temper, lose oneself, lose out, lose sight of, lose sleep, lose the plot, lose their head, lose their mind, lose their temper, lose touch, lose track, lose your head, lose your mind, lose your temper, lot, lounge, louse, lout, love, low, low five, lower, lubricate, lucubrate, luff, lug, lull, lumber, luminate, lumine, lump, lunch, luncheon, lunge, lurch, lure, lurk, lusk, lust, luster, lustrate, lute, lux, luxate, luxuriate, lynch.