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English verbs starting with K

All 151 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

kaolinize, kaw, keck, keckle, kedge, keel, keel haul, keel over, keelhaul, keen, keep, keep across, keep an eye out, keep around, keep away, keep back, keep cave, keep down, keep faith, keep fit, keep from, keep going, keep house, keep in, keep in with, keep it real, keep it together, keep it up, keep off, keep on, keep one's options open, keep one's pecker up, keep one's powder dry, keep pace, keep schtum, keep shtum, keep tabs on, keep the baby, keep the peace, keep to, keep to oneself, keep together, keep up, keep up with, keep up with the Joneses, keep wicket, keeve, ken, kennel, kern, ketch, key, key down, key in, key into, keyseat, kibble, kick, kick around, kick arse, kick ass, kick ass and take names, kick at the can, kick back, kick in, kick off, kick one's heels, kick out, kick over the traces, kick start, kick the habit, kick the tyres, kick the wheels, kick up, kick up one's heels, kid, kid on the square, kidnap, kill, kill off, kill steal, kill time, kill two birds with one stone, kill with kindness, kilt, kindle, king, king hit, kink, kink out, kipper, kiss, kiss and make up, kiss and tell, kiss goodbye, kit, kit out, kite, kithe, kitten, kittle, kiver, knab, knack, knap, knaw, knead, knee, kneel, kneel down, knell, knife, knight, knit, knit together, knit yoghurt, knob, knock, knock Anthony, knock about, knock around, knock back, knock boots, knock down, knock into a cocked hat, knock off, knock on wood, knock out, knock together, knock up, knock wood, knoll, knot, knout, know, know better, know from a bar of soap, know in one's bones, know no bounds, know of, know someone, know someone in the biblical sense, knowledge, knuckle, knuckle down, knuckle under, knurl, kotow, kyanize, kyke, kythe.