English verbs starting with H

Click on any of 460 English verbs beginning with H below to view a full conjugation table.

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haberdash, habilitate, habit, habituate, hack, hack away, hack it, hack off, hackle, hackney, hade, haffle, haft, hag, haggle, hail, hail from, hailse, hake, hale, half, half wish, halfcock, halloo, hallow, hallucinate, halo, halse, halt, halter, halve, hamble, hammer, hammer out, hamper, hamshackle, hamstring, hance, hand, hand down, hand in, hand off, hand out, hand over, handcuff, handfast, handicap, handle, handsel, hang, hang a Louie, hang a Ralph, hang a left, hang a right, hang about, hang around, hang back, hang by a thread, hang fire, hang five, hang in, hang in the balance, hang low, hang on, hang onto, hang out, hang out to dry, hang over, hang ten, hang tight, hang together, hang tough, hang up, hang up one's hat, hang with, hank, hanker, hap, happen, happen across, happen along, happen upon, harangue, harass, harbinger, harbor, hard code, harden, hare, hark, hark back, harken, harken back, harlequin, harlot, harm, harmonize, harness, harp, harp on, harpoon, harrage, harrow, harry, harten, harvest, hash, hash out, hasp, haste, hasten, hatch, hatch out, hatchel, hate, hate fuck, hate on, hatter, haul, haul ass, haulse, haunce, haunt, have, have a break, have a clue, have a fable for, have a good one, have a laugh, have a look-see, have a mind like a sieve, have a pop at, have a thing, have a tiger by the tail, have a wank, have a wild hair to, have a word, have an affair, have another think coming, have blood on one's hands, have done, have eyes bigger than one's belly, have eyes bigger than one's stomach, have fun, have got, have had it, have in, have it, have it coming, have it going on, have it in for, have it large, have it made, have it off, have more chins than a Chinese phone book, have on, have one foot on a banana peel, have one's Weetabix, have one's finger on the pulse, have sex, have someone going, have someone's head, have something to eat, have the last laugh, have the painters in, have the tiger by the tail, have the time, have the wind up, have the wolf by the ear, have time, have words, have young, haven, haver, havoc, haw, hawk, hawm, hay, hazard, haze, haze over, head, head butt, head off, heal, heal up, heap, heap on, heap up, heap with, hear, hear of, hear tell, hearken, hearken back, hearse, heart, hearten, heat, heat up, heathenize, heave, heave in sight, heave to, heaven, heavenize, heavy, hebetate, hector, heddle, hedge, hedge one's bets, heed, heel, heel over, heeltap, heft, heighten, hele, helm, help, help out, helve, hem, hem and haw, hem in, hemisect, hemstitch, hence, henpeck, hent, hepatize, herald, herbarize, herborize, herd, herd cats, herd together, hereticate, herie, herse, hesitate, hew, hew out, hibernate, hiccough, hide, hide away, hide in plain sight, hide out, hie, higgle, high, high center, high centre, high five, hill, hill climb, hinder, hinge, hinge on, hint, hip, hip check, hire, hiss, historicize, historize, history, histrionize, hit, hit and run, hit home, hit it off, hit it up, hit off, hit on, hit out, hit the bottle, hit the deck, hit the fan, hit the gym, hit the hay, hit the head, hit the net, hit the pavement, hit the roof, hit the shelves, hit the silk, hit the trail, hit up, hit upon, hitch, hive, hive off, hizz, hoar, hoard, hoarsen, hoax, hobble, hobnail, hobnob, hock, hockle, hocus, hocus-pocus, hocuspocus, hoe, hog, hoiden, hoise, hoist, hoit, hold, hold a candle, hold a grudge, hold a torch for, hold against, hold all of the aces, hold all of the cards, hold all the aces, hold all the cards, hold aloft, hold back, hold court, hold down, hold fire, hold hard, hold it, hold off, hold on, hold one's water, hold oneself together, hold onto, hold out, hold over, hold serve, hold sway, hold the cards, hold the ring, hold tight, hold together, hold true, hold up, hold up as, hole, hole out, hole punch, hole up, hollo, hollow, hollow out, holystone, homage, homologate, homologize, hone, honest, honey, honor, hood, hoodwink, hoof, hook, hook up, hoop, hoot, hop, hop a freight, hop freight, hop it, hop off, hope, hopple, horn, hornify, horrify, horse, horsewhip, hospitalize, hospitate, host, hostilize, hote, hotpress, hough, hound, house, housel, hove, hovel, hover, howel, howl, howl out, howp, hox, huck, huckster, huddle, huff, huff and puff, hug, hugger, huggle, hulk, hulk off, hulk out, hull, hum, hum and ha, hum and haw, humanify, humanize, humble, humbug, humiliate, hummel, humor, humorize, hunch, hunch over, hunger, hunt, hunt and peck, hunt down, hunt where the ducks are, hurdle, hurl, hurr, hurrah, hurry, hurry up, hurt, hurtle, husband, hush, hush down, hush one's mouth, hush up, husk, hustle, huswife, hutch, hutch up, huzz, hybridize, hydrate, hydrogenate, hydrogenize, hymn, hyp, hyperbolize, hyphen, hypnotize, hypostasize, hypostatize, hypothecate.