English verbs starting with G

Click on any of 586 English verbs beginning with G below to view a full conjugation table.

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gab, gabble, gad, gaff, gag, gage, gaggle, gain, gainsay, gainstand, gainstrive, gaiter, gale, gall, gallant, gallicize, gallivant, gallop, gallopade, gallow, gally, galvanize, gamble, gambol, gambrel, game, game out, game the system, gammon, ganch, gane, gang, gang up, gang up on, gangrenate, gangrene, gap, gar, garb, garbage, garble, gard, garden, gargarize, gargle, garland, garner, garnish, garnishee, garrison, garrote, garter, gasconade, gash, gasify, gasp, gast, gate, gate crash, gate rape, gather, gather dust, gather rosebuds, gather up, gather wool, gaud, gauffer, gauge, gawk, gayne, gaze, gazette, geal, gear, gear down, gear to, gear towards, gear up, geck, gee, gee up, gelatinate, gelatinize, geld, gelt, gem, geminate, gender, genealogize, generalize, generate, geniculate, gentilize, gentle, genuflect, geologize, geometrize, germ, germinate, gern, gerrymander, gesticulate, gesture, get, get a rise, get a wriggle on, get about, get above, get across, get action, get ahead, get ahold of, get ahold of oneself, get along, get at, get better, get blood from a stone, get blood out of a stone, get busy, get carried away, get changed, get down, get dressed, get drunk, get freaky, get high, get hitched, get hold of, get in on, get in with, get inside someone's pants, get into, get into someone's pants, get into the wrong hands, get it, get it through one's skull, get it up, get laid, get lost, get lucky, get off, get off of someone's cloud, get off on, get off one's ass, get off one's high horse, get off with, get on, get on someone's last nerve, get on to, get one over on, get one's arse in gear, get one's ass handed to one, get one's groove on, get one's hands on, get one's rocks off, get one's shit together, get one's skates on, get onto, get open, get out, get out at Haymarket, get out of someone's hair, get over, get past, get past oneself, get sick, get some, get something off one's chest, get stuck into, get the dirty water off one's chest, get the knack, get the last laugh, get the meaning, get the memo, get the point, get the sack, get the wind up, get the word out, get there, get to, get to grass, get to know, get to the fireworks factory, get to the point, get underway, get up, get up in, get up in someone's face, get up to, get up with the chickens, get well, get wet, get with, get with the times, get work done, ghast, ghess, ghost, ghost ride, giantize, gib, gibber, gibbet, gibe, giddy, gie, gift, gig, giggle, gild, gild the lily, gimlet, gimp, gin, gin up, gip, gird, girdle, girn, girt, girth, gise, gittern, give, give a bad name, give a bugger, give a damn, give a flying fuck, give a fuck, give a hundred percent, give a light, give a monkey's, give a rat's ass, give a toss, give about, give against, give away, give battle, give birth, give by, give forth, give head, give heed, give in, give it a shot, give it some welly, give lie to, give notice, give off, give one's head a shake, give one's notice, give oneself airs, give out, give out stink, give over, give place, give rise to, give someone Hail Columbia, give someone a bell, give someone a big head, give someone a bloody nose, give someone a buzz, give someone a jingle, give someone a ring, give someone an earful, give someone five, give someone the heave-ho, give someone the old heave-ho, give someone the shits, give someone the slipper, give stick, give the elbow, give the finger, give thought, give two hoots, give up, give up the ghost, give way, glaciate, glad, glad eye, gladden, glair, glance, glare, glass, glaum, glaver, glaze, gleam, glean, gleek, gleen, gleet, gley, glib, glide, glimmer, glimpse, glint, glisten, glister, glitter, glitter bomb, gloam, gloar, gloat, globe, glomerate, gloom, gloppen, glore, glorify, glory, gloss, gloss over, glout, glove, glow, glower, gloze, glue, glum, glump, glut, glutinate, glutton, gluttonize, gnar, gnarl, gnash, gnaw, gnide, go, go Dutch, go a bundle on, go against, go all the way, go around, go astray, go at, go away, go awry, go back, go bad, go batshit, go belly-up, go below, go beyond, go big or go home, go bitchcakes, go bonkers, go both ways, go bush, go by, go by the wayside, go combo, go commando, go crazy, go dark, go deep, go down, go down in flames, go down on, go down that road, go down the drain, go down the khazi, go down the pan, go down the road, go down the toilet, go down the tube, go down the tubes, go down the wrong way, go five-hole, go forth, go from bad to worse, go from strength to strength, go gaga over, go gold, go halves, go hand in hand, go hang, go hard, go home, go hungry, go in, go in for, go it alone, go mad, go missing, go narrow, go native, go number one, go number two, go nuts, go off, go off the reservation, go on, go out, go out on a limb, go over, go past, go pear-shaped, go poof, go postal, go set, go snake, go so far as, go south, go straight, go the distance, go the way of, go there, go through, go through with, go to, go to Halifax, go to Putney on a pig, go to bed, go to bed with, go to ground, go to hell, go to pot, go to shit, go to sleep, go to the bathroom, go to the dogs, go to the mat, go to the polls, go to the restroom, go to the toilet, go to the washroom, go to town, go to town on, go together, go too far, go towards, go under, go underground, go up, go up for, go up in flames, go upstairs, go wide, go with, go yard, goad, goal, gobbet, gobble, gobble up, goblinize, god, godfather, goffer, goggle, good, gore, gorge, gorgonize, gorm, gormandize, gospel, gospelize, gossip, govern, gowk, gowl, grab, grab at, grab off, grab some pine, grabble, grace, gradate, gradation, grade, graduate, graft, grain, graith, grammar, grammaticize, grane, grangerize, grant, granulate, grapple, grasp, grasp for straws, grass, grate, gratify, gratulate, graunt, grave, gravel, gravitate, graze, grease, grease the wheels, grease up, greaten, greave, gree, green, greet, greit, grieve, grill, grimace, grime, grin, grind, grind down, grind one's gears, grind to a halt, grip, gripe, grit, groan, groin, groom, groove, grope, ground, ground loop, ground out, group, grouse, grout, grovel, grow, grow on, grow out, grow out of, grow some skin, grow up, growl, growse, grub, grudge, grumble, grunt, grutch, gryde, grype, guarantee, guaranty, guard, guarish, gudgeon, guerdon, guess, guest, guest star, guggle, guide, guile, guillotine, gulch, gull, gully, gulp, gum, gum up, gun, gun down, gun it, gurge, gurgle, gush, gust, gut, gut shoot, gutter, guttle, gutturalize, gutturize, guy, guzzle, gybe, gypsy, gyrate, gyre, gyve.