English verbs starting with F

Click on any of 648 English verbs beginning with F below to view a full conjugation table.

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fable, fabric, fabricate, fabulize, face, face away, face fuck, face palm, face up, facet, facilitate, factor, factor through, factorize, faddle, fade, fade out, fadge, faffle, fag, fagot, fail, fail at life, fail over, fain, faint, fair, fair off, fair up, fake, fake out, fake the funk, fall, fall about, fall asleep, fall back on, fall back upon, fall below, fall down, fall down on, fall due, fall from grace, fall ill, fall in, fall in love, fall into place, fall into the wrong hands, fall off, fall on hard times, fall out, fall over, fall over one's feet, fall over oneself, fall pregnant, fall short, fall through, fall to, fall to one's lot, fall to pieces, fall together, fall under, fall victim, fallow, falsify, falter, famble, fame, familiarize, famish, famulate, fan, fan dance, fan out, fan the flames, fanaticize, fancy, fang, fangle, fantasy, farce, fard, fardel, fare, farl, farm, farrier, fascinate, fash, fashion, fast, fast backward, fast forward, fast rope, fast track, fasten, fat, father, fathom, fatigate, fatigue, fatten, fault, favor, fawn, fay, faze, feague, fear, fear monger, feast, feat, feather, feaze, fecundate, fecundify, federalize, fee, feeble, feed, feed out of, feed the meter, feel, feel around, feel down, feel in one's bones, feel like, feel oneself, feel out, feel someone's collar, feel someone's pain, feel ten feet tall, feel the heat, feel the pinch, feeze, feign, feine, feint, felicitate, fell, fellow, fellowfeel, fellowship, felt, felter, feminize, fence, fence in, fence off, fend, fend for oneself, fend off, fenerate, feoff, ferment, ferret, ferret around, ferret out, ferruminate, ferry, fertilitate, fertilize, ferule, fescue, fester, festoon, fet, fetch, fetch up, fetter, fettle, feudalize, fever, fiance, fib, fiddle, fiddle the books, fiddle while Rome burns, fiddle with, fidget, field, field dress, field strip, fife, fig, fight, fight back, fight dirty, fight in armour, fight the tape, figure, figure eight, figure out, figure skate, filch, file, file in, file off the serial numbers, file out, file past, filiate, filibuster, fill, fill in, fill out, fill the bill, fillet, fillip, film, filter, filter down, filter out, filter up, filtrate, fimbriate, fin, finance, find, find a friendly bush, find fault, find oneself, find out, find work, fine, finedraw, fineer, finesse, finger, finger fuck, finger paint, finify, finish, finish off, finish with, fire, fire away, fire up, firk, firm, fish, fish for compliments, fish out, fishify, fisk, fissure, fist, fist bump, fist pump, fistulate, fit, fit in, fit like a glove, fit out, fit the bill, fit together, fit up, fix, fix up, fizz, fizzle, flabbergast, flacker, flag, flag down, flag up, flagellate, flagitate, flagrate, flake, flam, flame, flame out, flange, flank, flanker, flap, flare, flare up, flash, flash back, flash forward, flat, flat call, flat out, flatten, flatten out, flatter, flaunt, flavor, flaw, flawter, flay, fleck, flecker, fledge, flee, fleece, fleer, fleet, fleme, flench, flense, flesh, fletch, flex, flick, flick the bean, flicker, flidge, flinch, fling, flip, flip burgers, flip flop, flip off, flip out, flip shit, flip the bird, flip the script, flipe, flirt, flisk, flit, flite, flitter, float, flocculate, flock, flock together, flog, flood, floor, flop, flote, flounce, flounder, flour, flourish, flout, flow, flower, fluctuate, fluidize, flunk, flunk out, flurry, flush, flush out, fluster, flustrate, flute, flutter, flutter the dovecote, flux, fly, fly a desk, fly by, fly couch, fly in the face of, fly into a rage, fly low, fly off the handle, fly off the shelves, fly out, fly the coop, fly the nest, fly too close to the sun, fly-fish, flyblow, flyspeck, foal, foam, fob, focalize, focus, fodder, fog, fog up, foin, foist, fold, fold one's tent, fold up, foliate, follow, follow on, follow out, follow up, folwe, foment, fond, fondle, fool, fool about, fool around, fool away, fool with, foolify, foot, forage, foray, forbathe, forbear, forbid, forbruise, forcarve, force, force in, force out, force someone's hand, forcut, ford, fordo, fordrive, fordwine, foreadmonish, foreadvise, foreappoint, forearm, forebode, forecast, foreclose, foreconceive, foredate, foredeem, foredesign, foredetermine, foredispose, foredoom, forefeel, forefend, foreflow, foregather, forego, foreguess, forehear, forehew, forejudge, foreknow, forel, forelay, forelend, forelet, forelie, forelift, forelook, foreordain, foreordinate, foreprize, forereach, foreread, forerun, foresay, foresee, foreseize, foreshadow, foreshew, foreshorten, foreshow, foresignify, foreslack, foreslow, forespeak, forest, forestall, foretaste, foreteach, foretell, forethink, foretoken, forewarn, forewaste, forewish, forfeit, forfend, forfete, forgather, forge, forge ahead, forge over, forget, forgive, forgive and forget, forgo, forisfamiliate, fork, fork out, fork over, forlay, forleave, forlend, forlese, forlet, forlie, form, formalize, formularize, formulate, formulize, fornicate, forpass, forpine, forray, forsake, forsay, forshape, forslack, forslouthe, forslow, forspeak, forstall, forswear, forthink, fortify, fortread, fortress, fortune, fortunize, forwander, forward, forwaste, forweep, forwrap, fossilize, foster, fother, foul, foul one's own nest, foul out, foul up, foulder, found, founder, fourfold, fowl, fox, frab, fract, fraction, fractionate, fracture, fraise, frame, frame up, franchise, frank, frap, fraternize, fraught, fray, freak, freak out, freck, freckle, free, free up, freeze, freeze out, freeze over, freeze up, freight, frenzy, frequent, fresco, freshen, freshen up, fret, fribble, fridge, friend, friend zone, frieze, fright, frighten, frighten the horses, frighten the piss out of, frill, fringe, frisk, frist, frit, frit away, fritter, fritter away, frivol, friz, frizz, frizzle, frock, frog, frolic, frondesce, front, frost, frostbite, frote, froth, froth at the mouth, frounce, frown, frown on, frown upon, fructify, fruit, fruit up, frump, frush, frustrate, fry, fub, fuddle, fudge, fudge the issue, fuel, fuel up, fuff, fugle, fulfil, fulfill, fulgurate, full, fuller, fulminate, fulmine, fum, fumble, fume, fumigate, funambulate, functionalize, fund, funerate, funk, fur, furbish, furdle, furl, furlough, furnish, furrow, further, fuse, fusillade, fuss, fust, fustigate, fuzz, fuzz out, fuzzle.