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Dutch verbs starting with P

All 211 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

pachten, pacificeren, pacteren, paddelen, pagineren, pakken, paleren, palissaderen, palperen, palpiteren, panacheren, pandoeren, paneren, panikeren, pantseren, parachuteren, paraderen, paraferen, parafraseren, paragraferen, paralyseren, parasiteren, pardonneren, parelen, pareren, parfumeren, parkeren, parketteren, parlementeren, participeren, passagieren, passen, passeren, pasteuriseren, patenteren, paternosteren, patineren, patroneren, patroniseren, patrouilleren, pauzeren, peddelen, peilen, pekelen, pelen, pelgrimeren, pellen, pendelen, penetreren, penselen, pensioneren, peperen, percoleren, percuteren, perfectioneren, perforeren, periodiseren, permitteren, peroreren, perpendiculariseren, persen, persevereren, persifleren, persisteren, perverteren, petitioneren, peuteren, peuzelen, piekeren, pielen, piemelen, piepelen, pijnigen, pikeren, piketteren, pikkelen, pimpelen, pingelen, pinkelen, pionieren, pipetteren, pirouetteren, plaasteren, plaatsen, plafonneren, plagen, plakken, planeren, planten, planteren, plastificeren, plateren, platineren, plegen, pleisteren, plezieren, plisseren, ploegen, ploeteren, plomberen, pluizen, plukken, plunderen, pochen, pocheren, poedelen, poederen, poeieren, poeren, pogen, pointeren, pointilleren, pokeren, polariseren, polemiseren, polieren, polijsten, politiseren, politoeren, polychromeren, poneren, pontificeren, popelen, populariseren, portelen, portretteren, poseren, positioneren, postdateren, posten, posteren, postuleren, pousseren, poëtiseren, prakken, prakkiseren, praktiseren, praten, pratikeren, preadviseren, precipiteren, preciseren, prediceren, predisponeren, predomineren, prefabriceren, prefereren, prefigeren, preken, preluderen, prenten, preoccuperen, prepareren, presenteren, preserveren, presideren, presseren, presteren, presumeren, pretenderen, preutelen, prevaleren, prevelen, priegelen, prijzen, prikkelen, primeren, privatiseren, proberen, problematiseren, procederen, proclameren, produceren, proeven, profaneren, professionaliseren, profeteren, profileren, profiteren, prognosticeren, programmeren, projecteren, proletariseren, prolongeren, promoveren, pronken, prononceren, pronostikeren, propaganderen, propageren, proponeren, prospecteren, prospereren, prostitueren, protegeren, protesteren, protocolleren, provianderen, provoceren, pruttelen, psalmeren, psychologiseren, publiceren, pulseren, pulveren, pulveriseren, punteren, pureren, purgeren, purperen, puzzelen.