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Mate is made beautifully for iOS, macOS, and your favorite browser. Instantly translate anything between 103 languages.


Highest-accuracy translation. Human translators have met their match, or rather, met their Mate.
103 languages. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and tonnes more. Luxembourgish, even. Zulu? Yep. See them all.
Perfect pronunciation. Mate speaks translations directly to you, accent and all. It also displays intuitive phonetics.
Cross-platform sync. Keep your translation history and saved phrases up to date between all of your devices.
Phrasebook. Learn languages faster by saving and categorizing phrases. Keep a travel cheat-sheet.
Full-on reference. See word genders and scroll through synonyms to say what you mean and mean what you say.
Darkness. Light and dark modes designed individually for a fully native feel.


Mate is made for those who translate all the time. Sure there are sites that get the job done, but none are as deeply integrated as Mate. It's so smooth to use. Mate blends into your workflow so it feels like you're not translating at all.

No browser switching. No interruptions. It's instant. Right there in your menu bar, just a shortcut away. There when you need it and then gone in an instant.

Translate web pages in one quick click with seamless extensions. Emails, notes, and messages work too. Anywhere text resides. And on iOS, Mate works offline. It's built to look good and work fast.



Top-rated by 600,000 users

Mate's designs stay fresh but it's no translation newcomer. A whole lot of folks love using Mate every day.

Here's what real users say about Mate:

Mate for Mac
What a useful program!
That is so useful. but sometimes If I use Mate's extension on Safari, extension is terminated. It is so critical issue
호호ㅗ오ㅗㅇ, 29 September, 2022
Mate for Mac
show no network connection
The software can be used before, but today I don't know why it suddenly can't be translated, and it always shows no network connection. The premise is that my network is normal and other software can be used normally. Is the China area unavailable?
Mate for Mac
Free is Sufficient
nice app thanks
Mate for Mac
It is without a doubt one of the best apps that there is, if I have not tried them, I recommend it, do not wait any longer and discover
It is one of the best apps, I recommend it, if you don't have to wait to download it, you won't regret it, I assure you. And thanks to the developers and part of the work team and everyone's strength, they have come out ahead, thanks
stefany anti, 4 September, 2022
Mate for Mac
The best
I tried 5-6 apps right away, it turned out to be the top one, the best of those offered
danilow_s, 29 August, 2022
Mate for Mac
Very surprised at how WELL it works!
Lennys Apple, 28 August, 2022
Mate for Mac
Please update and try the latest
A function was added to replace the English in the Chrome page with Japanese by translation. It can be used with the latest OS of Apple devices, but there is nothing else to say other than that it is super convenient because this function can be used with the old OS. Moreover, it can be used not only in the browser but also in various applications, so this translation application is perfect. It has evolved tremendously over the years! !
Tom Catters, 7 August, 2022
Mate for Mac
Very easy to use
It helps very well to translate
Pitufina Yiyi, 5 August, 2022
Mate for Mac
If you want money, don't go to the free place, okay?
38 yuan a month
多比老细, 4 August, 2022
Mate for Mac
Pretty good
I have tried every single Mac translator app that is free or allows a free trial. This is the only acceptable one. It's not perfect, but it works for me. The keyboard shortcut works in Calibre reader, which is very important since the mac dictionary does not work in there, but I wish I didn't have to copy the text first. The shortcut should automatically translate the selected text in my opinion. I like the popup when selecting text in safari. Problems: The sound does not work for russian. Also It does not translate offline; when my internet went out, this app was useless.
Johoboo, 24 July, 2022
Mate for Mac
I'm was looking for it
All is superb! But there is one litle moment. The icon at the top right corner(in the safari) too pushy. And unfortunetaly I can't hide it (or can't find how to do it) But in general it cooles app for the translating or mac. Thaks devs.
Mate for Mac
Works OK, but something is confusing
I needed this app to translate selected text in the documents. But in this app it worked only once; after i translated one selected fragment, I could not translate any other fragments just by selecting them. So I needed every time copy and paste selected text to the app window to translate it, which is not that feature that I wanted
yarotzckaya, 11 July, 2022
Mate for Mac
Translates difficult texts flawlessly.
8746nano, 1 July, 2022
Mate for Mac
Netflix problem when using it as a safari extension
There is a problem that Netflix subtitles appear as subtitles smaller than a fingernail when using it as a Safari extension. I want to solve that problem. It's a bit cumbersome to turn off and use it every time I watch Netflix.
KoungTea, 24 June, 2022
Mate for Mac
Excellent translation
A very handy app. It's just unrealistically convenient to work in Safari. Free. There are many different convenient functions that you can customize for yourself. My recommendations. I would even pay if they added a clipboard display for any copied text.
novokshanov15, 21 June, 2022

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