Human Kindness

Hey. We don't think every company needs to chime in on all things political. Companies that try to profit or build corporate image off of important movements suck. That's not our goal.

Black Lives Matter

BLM is apolitical. It's about human rights. Treating people with respect. We're all about that. We built a translator to bond people across cultures.

Some may say, "Hey Gikken, you're a little late in the game." Nah, it's never too late. Racism and other rancid isms aren't over (and if you think so, you're coming from a place of privilege).

We thought it important to say our piece about this because silence speaks and we don't like what it has to say. We kindly encourage any racist who uses Gikken products to screw off. They don't deserve nice things.

Who does deserve nice things? The systematically oppressed and their allies. Here's a really cool project we found called Kwanda:

In their own words, Kwanda is "A village for those who want to build reliable and empowering systems for black communities." It's a small but powerful way to get involved in supporting a variety of fantastic projects (plus we really dig their site design).

Anything positive helps. Don't feel you need to give money if you're unable right now. Just spread love and kindness.

The right to love and be who you are

We're writing this page at the end of Pride Month but the LGBTQ+++ community also needs support year-round to spread love. The issue that needs our attention most right now is trans rights.

We fully support those who break free from gender norms. If you've got cash to spare, send some to the TransWomen of Color Collective and/or The Okra Project:

Stay strong, friends. 🖤

Team Gikken