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What's Der Die Das and how it was born

It's a side project of Alexey Chernikov (🐦), founder of Gikken, the most transparent software biz serving 800K people monthly straight outta Berlin, Deutschland.

I've been living in Austria and now Germany for almost 6 years. I'm fluent in German but sometimes I don't know the right article for a word whose definition I know very well.

It always took me to open Safari, google "%word% duden", and then tap on the first Duden link to see the article. Almost as annoying as paying the Rundfunkbeitrag.

I wanted a simple der/die/das look-up tool. Not a dictionary. Not a translator (albeit we made the best one!). Simple and fast.

So I harvested articles of 100,000 German nouns across the Internet on one rainy Berliner night and made one. And you're looking at it now! Hope you'll find it useful, too.

Tech Support

Tweet to me on Twitter with your ideas, feedback, etc.


Der Die Das doesn't track or collect data about you. No Google Analytics garbage, no Facebook Pixel shit, nada. It's a firm stance of my company, Gikken. It's my personal stance.